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By Laura Mulcahy


Hi there lovely people! I am currently working on two projects. The first is a new single I am preparing for release this coming December. It is called ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE SAND DUNES. The second piece of work I want to accomplish is the recording of a new full length album called LAURA MULCAHY''S EASY LISTENING DIRGES FOR THE PARTIALLY HINGED. I am hoping you will see fit to support me and make these two projects happen. If any of you sponsor me, there will be some really cool rewards. Thanks a million for all your support thus far. X

If I am successful in raising two thousand euro for my project, it will be spent on covering recording costs at Ocean Studios, Ireland and CD manufacturing costs.

I sit at home in the front room and write a song. I sing it for a while. Then I bring it to my neighbour, Sarah Ferrigan, and she puts a layer of keys on it (I play guitar). After that I bring it to my producer, Wayne P. Sheehy (look him up, he''s a legend) and he turns it inside out with his layer.

''Laura Mulcahy is a genius'' Dermot Lambert, Garageland, RTE 2XM

If I reach my target, I will be in a position to complete my recording and deliver a beautiful piece of work to my listeners. There will be no risk of me not completing my projects.

I am crowdfunding for my music and art because I believe that community can support artists to keep making work. I put personal money into my project too, but can achieve a higher standard of everything with my work if I am supported on a little by my friends.

Thank you, so so much for supporting me and helping me to keep making the best art I possibly can. X


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