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"Sweet Pang is Innocent" by Kate McGrew

By Lady Grew


Sweet Pang, Sweet Pang, who is in your dream gang?

An elaborate trill from Madame Wreck, the feverish call of Spartan Boy, slash punk drums, the pimp strut of Little Britches; pocketed in live beats-sooo tasty you’ll cringe! This is your soundtrack-what is your scene? Six inch golden patent leather heels, gas mask taps, or kicks. Take your pick. They are all Pang, and she has hurt to prove it. Inevitably, the beat will pace faster, or does the Judge have his hand deftly on the dials to make us feel it so? Pang will ascend, only to pull tricks on a shiny pole. You won’t notice her lying; for the sighs. Is she standing on her hands, or someone’s (not pointing fingers) heart? She’ll let it up long enough to let the Judge’s beat tickle your guts-then drop it. She is relishing the sculpting of this life, and means no harm! Just don’t tell the Judge that she is innocent, lest he says it wasn’t ever her. But surely he wouldn’t want her to get stuck in the splits?

Kate McGrew has been making music in Ireland for four years. She has had singles released on vinyl by the !kaboogie label with producer Prince Kong (UK), and in 2010 they created the EP Bass Bully on Dublin label Ghetto Quietly. They have toured Ireland, and also played together in Bristol, and Berlin. Kate has worked with various artists such as Cork’s T-LAB, N-Noiz in Berlin, Oddio in LA, Mad EP (UK), to mention but a few. She now evolves her passion for collaboration by branching out into other mediums of art, returning to her roots in theatre, smashing the boundaries of music and performance art to bring you into her own theatrical world: Lady Grew as Sweet Pang. In this world the danger of acting without need to define what you are becomes a delicious, delirious ride; a story of Sweet Pang’s exploding archetypes. They whistle in their demolition. She’s laughing at the Judge, holding hands round a buzzer. As she dash towards the center of being, your feet leave the ground, costumes fluttering at each horizon. She wants you too….

An incredible amount of time, energy, money, passion, and love has gone into this show already, in its’ various stages. We greatly appreciate any contribution you can make that will help us step it up at this stage – monies going towards set design, machining of the free-standing pole, procurement of a drum kit, costuming, sound and light design. Your help with also contribute to our participation in a residency scheme in the Theatre Development Centre at the Triskel (Cork City), and with the premiere performance of this ground-breaking show on June 27th & 30th in the Elysian in Cork with Solstice as part of the Midsummer Festival. I am very excited to be working again in the theatre; with the warmest thank you, I look forward to being able to bring you the most bangin’ show!!