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Want to be a part of the Greatest Irish TV Show EVER? Switchblade is a kick-ass thrill-ride influenced by the best (and more especially the worst!) of classic Eighties TV cop shows. It's an off-beat, rapid-fire, FX-busy retro-tastic action-comedy with crazy action sequences, whip-smart one-liners and killer cliffhangers aplenty. If Tango And Cash took a Knight Ride with TJ Hooker down 21 Jump Street, they'd have their asses handed to them by Team Switchblade.

Our 40 second promo gives a brief flavour of Switchblade. But trust us - the best is yet to come!

Because there's never been anything like Switchblade: this loving tribute to the classic cops shows we all grew up with will push Irish film-making into a  strange new beautiful place. We want to create an extraordinary piece of entertainment that kicks ass and chews bubblegum. The web is the perfect medium with which to spread the gospel of Switchblade. Now all we need is a some believers! This is the next viral sensation waiting to happen: help us make it a (sur)reality!

Team Switchblade is headed up by Producer, Declan Lynch and SFX Guru Declan Dowling. One Dec is writing and producing. And the other is SFXing and directing.

Declan Dowling is a freelance Digital Compositor living and working in Dublin. He's been in the industry for just over 5 years. In this time he has worked on various television productions such as "Funky Fables", "Magic Baby" cbbc, "Roy" BBC/RTE and "Zombies Bashers" RTE.

He has also worked as digital effects artists on swedish cult blockbuster "Lapland Odissy", Irish born "Portrait of a Zombie", "The Nixer" & "Hotel Darklight"

He recently filled the role of Special Effects Director on Irish feature film "The Runway" which won best feature at the 2010 Galway Film Festival and two I.F.T.A's in 2011.

Declan Lynch has worked as a freelance video editor for 13 years. In that time he has worked on a variety of television genres from documentary and reality to drama. He has recently completed post-production on two Irish independent feature films "Meeting on the Stairs" and "The Nixer". In 2009 he produced "Hotel Darklight". He is currently editing RTE storyland's comedy drama "The Last Security Man".

These guys guarantee serious bang for your buck.

The show will feature a mix of beautiful bright young things and hot comedic talent. Give us money, and we'll give you a walk on. Give us loads of money, and we'll guarantee you a horrible onscreen demise.

We would like to raise funds to complete Episode 1 of Switchblade.
Help us make it happen. (note: in the event that we make our target any additional funds will be used to fund Episode 2)

switchblade: http://www.fundit.ie/project/switchblade-3
web: http://web.me.com/declanlynch6
linkedin: www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Declan/Lynch
vimeo: http://vimeo.com/user1070917
twitter: lildec



Project Refund

Hi everyone, Declan Lynch here from the Switchblade project. Thank you again for your belief in the Switchblade idea and for pledging your support to help make it happen. However, it is with the deepest regret and sincerest apologies that we can no longer make the pilot episode for switchblade for a number of reasons, including scheduling and budgeting difficulties. With the help of fundit.ie (who have been very helpful and professional throughout) we are going to return your pledge to you. Unfortunately, we are unable to re-fund your pledge to your credit/debit card as the transactions happened over 6 months ago, so we must send each of you a cheque by post or if you prefer write with your bank details, sort code and bank a/c and we will transfer your pledge back to you. We will be in touch again soon with you to get your mailing addresses. We’re very disappointed not to be able to proceed with the project, but wish to thank you all again for your support and to all the actors & crew who took part in the trailer. They were a pleasure to work with and I wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Switchblade: Production news

Hi All, It's been a while since I updated you on the Switchblade project and a lot has happened. We have completed the script which took quite a while to get right and we are now shooting second unit scenes. Happy to report that it's going well. We are keeping the production crew and budget very tight so we can stretch your hard earned cash as far as we can. If you would like to keep up with production news and see photos from the shoot, you can follow us on twitter: Switchblade911 or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Switchblade/201962443173338 Just press the "like button" and you will receive updates as they are posted throughout production. Thanks again for your support. More news to follow. Declan Lynch (Writer/Producer, Switchblade) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Switchblade/201962443173338

22 hours left

22 hours left and we've cleared our target of €6,000 - Thank you to everyone who got involved, I will write a proper update in coming days but this your relieved and elated Producer signing off for now. Thank you again. Please feel free to send on the link to anyone you think might be interested in the project.

Up to 55%

The final assault on Mount Fundit takes place tonight - we're sitting at base camp here preparing our rucksacks. We'll all know tomorrow morning if the Switchblade flag is flying high and if we've made it back alive. Check us out on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Switchblade/201962443173338 Thanks for your support getting us this far. Dec & Dec

deadline approaches

Working hard and staying positive is key - only 2 days left and accounting for Wednesday's TV & Film fundraiser we've estimated that we're coming up €1,500 short of our target. Busy chasing down the product and location sponsors. This is going to be close.

Big jump today 3%

Switchblade has now got 41 funders backing it and we hope to keep it going over this weekend. According to crowdfunding blogs, experts and trends - this will be difficult - but watch this space.

radio and points

We're on Sunshine 106.8FM this morning around 09.30 so tune in if you can! nervous....pledges up 2% percent yesterday, 39 funders.

Doing an interview tomorrow with Sunshine 106.8 9.30am

Tune in if you can - hopefully I'll explain this show well and we'll see a bump in pledges. Wish me luck! If anyone would like to change their facebook profile picture for the last week of the campaign we've got some cool Switchblade pictures for ye. scribble me an email at declanlynch6 AT yahoo DOT com

26% / 37 funders

Wednesday is a good day to pledge. Big day for me as I find out the results of RTE's storyland competition. I worked on the four episodes of The Last Security Man for the last five months which made the final. Fingers crossed! Best of luck to Liam Hourican and "the Daves", Crann & Stone. Check out the series at rte.ie/storyland

Zues & Mitchell Meet again

Those of you who have watched the trailer will be familiar with our two lead characters Zeus & Mitchell. Yesterday evening Dec and I met up with this pair aka Aaron and Brian to touch base. With just over one week left we've all doubled down and agreed to get to our target. We've a way to go but with your help we'll make it. We currently stand at 24% with 32 funders backing us - come on be the 33rd!! http://www.fundit.ie/project/switchblade-3

Switchblade on Dublin's streets

Hey all, If your passing the zozzytv screens on Grafton or Henry's street you can text "zozzytv 90565" to 53307 to see the trailer on the big screen! Slow day today on pledges but myself and Dec have a few surprises left in the bag.

Up to 19% and a few surprises left in the campaign

The interview on Spin103.8FM went well check it out on their website the podcast section. More Switchblade announcements to follow.

Joe.ie loves Switchblade!

We here at Switchblade Central Intelligence office love Joe.ie. But we never knew they loved us. It's a fact: check out the link: http://tinyurl.com/3dcxfz9 Thanks to everyone who's supported us so far - we broke the €1000 barrier today! And hey we're on facebook now!

We're up to 16% funding!

Hi all, Just a quick update, we've reached 16% in our funding campaign. Also we wrote to movies.ie and they gave us a plug. Check out the link below. http://movies.ie/interviews/Switchblade__Irish_cop_show_needs_your_help

15% and an article about this project on Film Ireland

http://tinyurl.com/6d9ehgr Up to 15%, my brother has just signed his own death warrant!

Up to 7% funding today, great news

Dec and me are celebrating by listening to "Twilight Zone" by Golden Earring! Love this song.

Smells like Zig & Zag

Hi all, for any of you fans of Zig & Zag, keep an ear out this Saturday morning (from 10am on 2FM) where film reviewer Paul Byrne might just be mentioning fundit and a project called Switchblade.

Dec & Dec

Declan (Dowling) & I (Lynch) met today for a very quick lunch, we signed contact stating that neither of us "will not claim or receive, either directly or indirectly any of the funding obtained through the use of the “Switchblade” via fundit.ie" This means all the money we receive for the project is heading up on screen in the form of great actors and crew, props, sets, etc. We keep slipping into talking script and characters but have to stop ourselves - we've got 30 more days to get to that point.

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