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By Philip Connaughton


Thank you for checking out our Fund it campaign - we hope you can help to make TARDIGRADE happen!

Dublin Fringe Festival will present the premiere of Philip Connaughton’s TARDIGRADE in September. 

TARDIGRADE is Philip’s first full-length piece. It’s a collaboration between Philip, Composer Michael Gallen, Videographer/Designer Luca Truffarelli, with Costume by Emily Ní Bhroin, and will be produced by Eleanor Creighton.

A cast of four astounding dancers join six talented singers in a world full of hauntingly beautiful live music, lithe and raucous dance and video projection that will transport you to another place.

It’s inspired by Bosch’s painting Garden of Earthly Delights and influenced by Philip’s more recent choreographic work in theatre and opera. He has been working on this project since his time as Associate Artist at Dance Ireland and now, finally has the opportunity to present the finished version to the public in full, technicolour glory.

Using Bosch’s masterpiece as an inspirational springboard, Philip and his collaborators are creating an incredibly fresh and inventive piece of dance. It's a kaleidoscopic feast.

A 15 minute work-in-progress version was performed recently at Dublin Dance Festival 2014 and received excellent feedback and response from the public. The Irish Times described it as a “sensory outburst… dismissive of theatrical conventions, and clear in its intention and delivery, despite being a work in progress.”

To bring the full work to life as part of Dublin Fringe Festival we are looking for some additional funding to cover technical costs, studio hire and stage management fees. There's a huge team - and a massive amount of energy - behind this project. We hope you'll come and let your imagination run riot with us!



I'm getting there lads!

Well its been mad busy and we are finally getting into the theatre tomorrow to start teching… The nerves!!! I'm on the personalized dance moves and all the other bits but just to keep you all excited here's a little shot from rehearsals from the other day… https://vimeo.com/105446492 Hope you like. Oh my god, we're nearly there P xx

Back in full swing

Hi guys, well I just thought I'd drop you all a line to let you know how things are going. It's been crazy busy with the creative team constantly meeting to exchange ideas and make sure we're all on the same page in preparation for next weeks rehearsals which will bring us right up to the opening night- so it's full speed ahead. I've managed to get my hands on a really good microscope and have been studying Tardigrades from my back garden( normally for an hour or two before I go to bed- ok I'm a freak!) and it has been pretty inspiring. I begin again with the dancers on Monday morning and everyone else will be appearing later in the week. For those of you who are awaiting a personalized dance move, I will be recording a few each day as the inspiration hits me and I have a list of your names to make sure everyone gets the move thats best suited- of course as choreographer I get to decide what move is best suited to you… That's show business!! We could jam those moves out together when we next meet- Sounds like a new dance piece!! Once again thanks for your support and we'll be in touch regarding your various rewards. Philip x

Nearly there!

Well lads, we are nearly there and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support. We've two days left and still a little way to go so if you have have any friends you think might be interested in helping out please send them this way. I'm so excited about how things are developing and so grateful for your generosity. Sending you all best wishes. Philip

A Personalized Dance Moooooove

So one of our most sought after gifts is a personalized dance move- choreographed by yours truly!!! :-)) It will be recorded and sent via email so that you can practice it over and over again Jane Fonda-style. You'll be able to use this simple but effective move wherever and howsoever you like… At a disco, at a bus stop, in your bedroom. It's yours to impress x

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