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Tender Napalm

By Good Buzz Productions


The Play

Sexual desire and blind love as you’ve never seen it before.

Good Buzz Productions are delighted to announce their production of the critically acclaimed Tender Napalm by Philip Ridley; a venture through the intense emotions and consuming desires that accompany love, coming to Smock Alley Theatre from June 27th - July 9th.

An intimate exploration of the human condition; a couple navigate their way through the passionate battlefield of a relationship leaving a blazing trail of destruction in their wake.

A fantastic journey through the savage lust and over-whelming desire that comes with relationships. Only through love can we experience hate; Tender Napalm shows the destruction and recreation of two individuals in an explosive, intimate and poetic story.

Smock Alley Theatre becomes a boxing ring for this pair of lovers with dynamic performances masterfully directed by Sarah Finlay to deliver a story that is sure to strike a chord in the hearts of all audience members and invoke some heat in Dublin this summer.


Good Buzz Productions has become a rotating group of artists making work that is affecting, relevant and fun, with the aim of inviting its audiences to question the world that surrounds them.

Previous productions include Who's a Pretty…[Insert Gender Here] (Smock Alley); and the short film Helmets. We are also currently developing short film Apostles for August.


Tender Napalm has been a long term project for Good Buzz having been in development since 2014. As well as founder and Actor Stephen Tadgh our Tender Team includes producer Andy Carberry (Trainspotting), Production Manager Róisín McAtamney (Squeaky Bicycle Productions), director Sarah Finlay (Fast Intent Theatre company), Lighting Design by Cillian McNamara (Poor Little Boy with no Arms).


Getting a play up on its feet takes a lot of time, energy and, of course, a lot of money.

Such is our belief in Tender Napalm, we have invested some of our own monies into the production, however we really need your Fund it support to make this show a reality.


All of the €750 raised will be put into the the production itself. From creating our set to all the little bitty things that pop up while running a show your support means the show will look and feel the best it possibly can.

We have striven to offer great rewards to each of our donors from show memorabilia to free Opening Night tickets. Please have a look at our rewards and see what difference you can make.

Thank You in advance for all your support!

We couldn't do this without you.

- The Tender Napalm Team xoxo