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The 52nd State of Mind



Each year, I hold an exhibition that is completely independent of the gallery system to focus on exploring what's essential in my work, free of external pressures. This is my annual Special Show where you can see me as I am.

As an artist, I'm not only interested in the imaginative and conceptual nature of my art; I'm dedicated to the craft side too. For me they're indivisible. I have always wanted to create things with brain AND my hands. My influences are broad: Hopper, definitely; classical painters for their level of craft but also the surrealists. More strongly though, by so-called Pop Culture. I love great illustration work: From Mucha to Graphic novels and the Hi-Fructose idiosyncratic art that comes out of the States. Cover art for the sci-fi novels of my youth. Dan Dare and the Trigan Empire! My old school friends will attest to the fact that I spent most of my time in class drawing spaceships... It's all this that make art worth living.

So this is my one-man Cultural Event. This is my State of Mind. This is my own personal Milan and Paris fashion show. The 52nd State to my Union so far-and I'm adding states to the Republic of McSherry all the time. It has taken a lifetime just to get to here -and I'm pressing on with my explorations all the time. Journeying in splendid solitude, searching and taking in new marvels; fantastic lands; stupendous territories. This is how I am now. By next year, I'll have moved on again if my legs will still hold me up and I want to bring YOU with me.

So, fellow citizens; I’m offering you the opportunity to become an integral part of this show : Proceeds from this crowd-funding campaign will cover the costs of framing, refreshments for the opening and talks, publicity and printing of a catalogue and other printed material. In return, O citizens, I shall reserve a special place for you in my heart and in the lush pastures, fragrant forests and cool mountains of this benevolent and expanding land, AND what's more you'll even receive something real, that you can hold in your hands änd hang on your wall, in return. Please look at the schedule of the rewards that await supporters and patrons of the arts below. Defend this imperfect Republic; God bless you and the United States of McSherry!



Show of new work: Sign's of Life December 1-7

Hi all,

How are you all? It's been a long time - so it's high time we had another party!

After a long and arduous journey trying to find a venue to host my upcoming exhibition of new paintings, I have now secured an amazing, just beautiful, space.

"Signs of Life" will be in the new Zion Gallery, Zion church, Rathgar running from 1 - 7 December.

The property situation being what it is, it took so long to get any place to show that now I only have 14 days to run this crowdfunding campaign. I do hope you'll help and I look forward to seeing you at the opening on Thursday December 2.

I'll be going live with the campaign at 3.30PM today and thereafter,

I'll keep you posted. 


3 days to go.

Only 3 days left. *Gulp!* Almost there. To update you all on the 'Flights' project: The venue has been cleared as the Harold's Cross Festival used it as an office and gallery space over the weekend. As always, the Fundit page is here: http://fundit.ie/project/flights-of-fancy-art-exhibition and every little bit helps and will be rewarded. I'm going to have to do quite a bit of work to level the floor (it's very rough in places), fill in gaps and holes in the wall and do something with the ceiling. A few bags of levelling compound and buckets of elbow grease will do it. To celebrate the imminent closing of the crowdfunding campaign, I've put together a bit of music on the flight theme: You can hear it here. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/kevin-mcsherry/flights-soundscape Best wishes, Kevin

11 days to go over at our Flights of Fancy Fundit Campaign.

Only 11 days left until our Fundit.ie Campaign closes. First of all, THANKS so much to those of you who already have become involved over at our 'Flights of Fancy campaign: Thanks to a big contribution, I now have wine for the party, which I hope you enjoy on the night. Our campaign currently stands at 38% of target (If the target isn't reached, of course, we get zilch (apart from a visit to the dentist because of all the teeth-grinding!) Anyway: I thought you might like this: For fun (and for free), At the opening, I'm going to have a table where you can make your own print from an existing linocut -then take it home with you afterwards. You'll have the help of one of my beautiful assistants. You can see the magic working. This is art as it's supposed to be. I won't be swanning around in an academic gown - more likely an apron. Birds of a feather flock together. Join me on June 16

The Reward Linocut Print, 'King of the River'

Hello all: You can see a scan of this print and a 1min 15sec video showing how it's made at this link: http://www.mcsherry.ie/p/53rd.html It's an original hand-printed work, an edition of 50, each one signed and numbered. Thanks again! Kevin

Flights of Fancy Show update: All new Art Cards

Hi all -and thanks so much for getting on board with me. I wanted to show you some examples of the Art Cards that are on offer on 2 of the schedule levels. (The 52nd State of Mind Show cards in 2014 looked excellent and these will be every bit as good). As I said, they'll be all new cards. Landscape Art Cards: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-eX1bQwyei9cS1FUU5YTWNhRlE/view?usp=sharing Portrait Art Cards: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-eX1bQwyei9QW5MQXhJYU1lVmc/view?usp=sharing If you'd like to become a Patron of this show and help this fledgling bird into it's first flight, go to: http://fundit.ie/project/flights-of-fancy-art-exhibition Best wishes, Kevin

Flights of Fancy: Takes Wing

Here's the link to the new project: http://fundit.ie/project/flights-of-fancy-art-exhibition I sure hope this batch of eggs hatches. You know, you give the little ones all your love and attention, they create havoc, don't tidy their nests and then they fly off and leave you feeling totally plucked... But we wouldn't have it any other way. Kevin

Ready for Takeoff Again

Hello, my friends, I received confirmation this week of a popup premises for my next exhibition this coming June. It's one of the units owned by Brendan Garry of Rosie O'Grady's Bar in Harold's Cross. I'm overjoyed at this act of generosity -and he's now officially designated (by powers vested in me) a Patron of the Arts: E Pluribus Unum. Amen. He's the first investor in this exhibition so far, and will be rewarded as such... So, I just wanted to let you know. I couldn't have an exhibition in 2015 as I couldn't get a venue after Loretto moved premises and no longer had a room for rent. (Why is it so difficult with all the empty spaces around?) There we are. I'll be launching my new Fundit campaign very soon. Perhaps this afternoon and I hope you enjoyed being part of the last one enough to collaborate again. Best wishes, Kevin http://www.mcsherry.ie/p/53rd.html

Update on proceedings chez McSherry

Hello everybody. I hope you were all happy with your rewards from the last exhibition. My next exhibitionist venture will be ''Fifty Three; Not Out' (working title). Mmmm; how sporty. To be held in Gallery 27, as last year. More anon. In the meantime, I invite you to look at my re-worked web site at: www.mcsherry.ie. You can sign up for email notifications if you like, you'd be most welcome indeed. I will be running another Fundit campaign of which more anon. Warmest regards to you all, Kevin

The Unsolvable Conundrum at the United Arts Club This Thursday

You are invited to a solo show of original, idiosyncratic and imaginative paintings featuring the work of Illustrators Guild of Ireland members. Includes my own work, "The Unsolvable Conundrum": Acrylics and gilding on canvas and wood. €1250 To view, please go to: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Art-of-McSherry/441678980584 "From portraiture to caricature the human face has remained central to visual expression". To be opened by John Minihan- Iconic Photographer Thursday 26th February @ 8pm The United Arts Club 3 Upper Fitzwilliam St Dublin 2 www.dublinarts.com Exhibition continues until 14th March 2015 Viewing Tues to Friday 11am to 11pm

Three Little Birds...

Hello all, Here's a link to three small pieces in my birds series I recently finished. I used 'Golden' brand iridescent paints to paint these, before gilding them. (They reflect different colours; Golden make great acrylic paint!) https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/three-little-birds-kevin-mcsherry?trk=hb_ntf_MEGAPHONE_ARTICLE_LIKE They're all framed behind glass in box-frames. This June, I'll be off to Nantes again for another open-studio event in the lovely village of Trentemoult, across the Loire from the city. Can't wait for a bit of warmth... Hope you all had a great break over the Christmas. Kevin

49 Shades of Grey

Here's a link to a scan of one of the rewards just delivered.It's graphite on Arches watercolour paper. You may have to copy and paste the link as this text editor might not allow links to work. https://www.behance.net/gallery/22194401/Cornerboy-Pencil-sketch-reward-for-Fundit-Supporter. That means just one or two left to be done: I'll be posting up some more work onto my facebook page as I do it, so you're all very welcome to 'Like' the page, that way, you'll get notified. Look for Art of McSherry Best wishes to you all and have a very happy and peaceful Christmas. Kevin


Good morning, Citizens, All but a few rewards have been either delivered by hand or mailed to you. There are a couple of outstanding ones, mainly the hand-drawn ones, but they will be settled soon. Just a gentle reminder; if you still need to pass your address on to me (or a poste restante address where I can drop your reward), do drop me a line. For those of you who couldn't make it to the exhibition itself; it was a great success with 11 paintings sold to collectors. The exhibition continues in a sense, as I have 150 catalogues still remaining and they're being posted out to foreign embassies, cultural institutions and creative directors; so if you have any suggestions for recipients, do let me know. With all my best wishes, Kevin

Location of Gallery 27

Hi all, The location of the exhibition opening and the Artist talk are the same: Gallery 27, (27 Frederick Street South, just off Nassau Street). The opening is next Thursday Oct 9 at 7pm The artist talk is the Saturday Oct 11 at 11am There's a page with a map on my web site here: http://www.mcsherry.ie/index.php/art/exhibitions-2014/the-52nd-state-of-mind/ If you have any questions, please get in touch> All the best, Kevin

Artist talk RSVPs

How are you all fixed for the artist talk on Saturday morning 11th October at 11am? I'm renting chairs and some catering paraphernalia, so it would be good to get an idea of who might be coming along so I get an appropriate amount. Please email me to RSVP. Otherwise, I'm running around like a headless chicken, working on my oeuvre. I hope to see you next Thursday evening for the opening. Kevin


Hello all. First of all; thank you all for your support, Fundit have re-opened this channel of communication (there's a hiatus for a while just after the project deadline closes). The Printed Material: The printing of the postcards and A3 prints is under way and should be ready this time next week. I'll contact each of you directly as appropriate. They'll all be brought to the exhibition opening for collection by you anyway. If you can't make it, just let me know and they'll be posted to your address. The Artist Talk I must've been befuddled by the pressure when I set the Artist Talk for a Monday morning. I propose that it be changed to Saturday morning at 11am. That way, you can heckle me before taking in a little shopping and lunchington in town. Would that suit people more? Let me know as I'll be hiring some chairs and a Burco for the occasion! The hand-made rewards Please bear with me as the hand-made rewards will take a little longer and will be completed after the exhibition opening. Art is 'slow-food', after all. How's that? Have I missed anything? Preparations are going well; every time I think about the mountain of 'stuff' I need to do, my stomach turns over! The red wine has been bought -a particularly palatable fighting Malbec from France. I'm still looking for a white. I'm looking forward to hearing from you -and seeing you at the opening. Kevin

Blimey O'Reilly

O me of little faith. I'm stunned and I don't know what to say; the project is funded with only four hours to go. Thank you all so much. I can't wait for the show and to meeting you all there. Kevin

Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat...

Hello, my dear supporter; and thank you so much for being one. As you can see, we got about halfway to the funding goal. You might be aware that Fundit.ie works on an 'All or Nothing' basis, which means you'll probably receive an email from them about lunchtime tomorrow and this project will disappear from this site. No funds will be deducted from your account. However, this project is still going ahead, no matter what; I'm fully committed to the venue and that's that. In which case, I've set up the same funding options on my own web site with payments directly into PayPal. Copy and paste this URL into your browser: http://tinyurl.com/kpo5ec6 or go to www.mcsherry.ie and look under 'Exhibitions'. There's a 'Supporters page'. I'm honoring all the reward commitments made on Fundit.ie There are some funders who opted to be anonymous. I don't have a solution for that, I'm sorry to say. If you'd rather not continue, that's absolutely fine and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the initial effort. That goes for all of you. Please keep in touch and do please come to the exhibition which opens on October 9th. It'd be lovely to see you there. Best wishes, Kevin

Cho-Cho-Cho-Cho-San (Madama Battersby)

A new painting for the show, if you'd like to have a look. Apparently. there are social media buttons on Fundit that you can press to share this stuff around. I can't find them, can you? http://www.mcsherry.ie/index.php/the-52nd-state-of-mind-cho-cho-cho-cho-san/


Thanks for the replies; I understand now!

A question for you

Hi all, I haven't used Fundit before and I'm still familiarising myself with how all this works. Are you receiving these messages that i write here in emails? Are you getting notifications? Best wishes, Kevin


Thank you to all of you who supported this project so far. It's very gratifying to see it.

Me Photo

I just realised that my account didn't have a photo of me. So here I am with my youngest girl. Having fun in my studio.


I saw four beautiful old heavy gold frames in an antique shop off Capel Street but they were sold before I could get them! I've prepared some of the ones I already have -they look great.

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