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The Adventures of Luna & Dips

By Tick Talk Ireland


The Adventures of Luna & Dips in the Series 'If Ticks Could Talk'

Written by Jenny O'Dea, Lyme disease suffer & co-founder of Tick Talk Ireland.

An educational story & picture book following the adventures of Luna & Dips (tick). Follow Luna from her birth as a young larva as she navigates her way through the trials & tribulations of growing up. She learns many things from her adult friend Dips but often has to go undertake her quest alone. She yearns to be grown up & look just like Fantaz, a nymphal tick, who gives her more advice. Will Luna grow up to be the tick she desires?

Can you help Luna make her way into bookshops & schools Spring 2013? Luna will also be available on our website & educational events .

Your funds will go directly towards printing costs, we aim to also produce fact-sheets for teachers & parents...

This book is educational & fun- designed to be appealing to both young & old - knowledge of ticks can help prevent Lyme disease, a growing problem in Ireland. Teachers & parents can learn more too! Here's the storyline...

Part One – Luna (tick) the larval tick gets some advice from Dips (tick) in learning to quest for food
Part Two – Luna manages to find her first host, a mouse, & is well on her way in her quest to grow
Part Three – Luna gets the scare of her life, the poor mouse is being chased by a fox, but will she survive?
Part Four – Having survived her first scary adventure, Luna finds a cozy place to moult into a nymph
Part Five – Its autumn when Luna wakes up & everything has changed, she feels all alone in the world & remembers the kind words of her new friend Fantaz (tick)
Part Six – Luna snuggles down for the winter & emerges in spring hungry for a new feed, will this be her chance?
Part Seven – Luna was lucky enough to find a new host, she dreams of becoming an adult, but could her dreams come true?
Part Eight – Luna feels very happy with herself, she drops off her 2nd host & looks forward to being an adult, but wait, trouble is ahead!

Luna will be illustrated by David Farrelly, a freelance Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Artist based in Leixlip, Co. Kildare. Although a hobby artist all his life, he left a previous 10 year career of ink jet manufacturing to go back and make a go of his creative talents! Dave's work can be viewed at http://www.facebook.com/dave.farrelly.5/photos_albums or http://www.talenthouse.com/davefarrelly He welcome's all and any design/illustration work!

We welcome any support you can give us to help publish & print Luna & thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With warmest wishes, Jenny O'Dea

NB: Rewards can be redeemed when our target is reached & funds received. Pledge over €200 & receive a complimentary stay at Clontarf Castle!



Target still going strong!

Thank you so much to all your efforts, our target has been exceeded of 1250 which is truly fantastic. We are now working towards the full 1700 needed to print the full book x 500 copies for schools. Thanks a million for all your kind support we could not have done it without you. Just 2 more days to go ;) Take care & all the best, Jenny from Tick Talk Ireland (plus Luna, Fantaz & Dips!)


Apologies, hit the enter key whilst still typing! The end of my earlier message was to say 'with many thanks & warmest wishes, Jenny'!!

Thank you SO much!

Thank you so much to all our donors, I am so pleased to report that we've reached our target - a HUGE thanks to all who have supported us so far :) The fund is still open to allow folks to keep claiming their rewards, our final total needed is 1700 but to reach the target of 1250 is MONUMENTAL as without this we would have lost all the pledges so far (all or nothing funding). If anyone is interested we have some colouring sheets available of the main characters of the book (Luna, Fantaz & Dips ticks!) Check out our blog page for free download of the colouring sheets at http://ticktalkireland.wordpress.com/2012/11/21/luna-colouring-sheets/ Thanks once again & I will follow up with you individually once the fund has been closed for details of your rewards. With all the best & w

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