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The All is Well Project

By All Is Well


The All is Well Project began more than 10 years ago, when Patricia Carmody began inviting friends from all over Europe to come on journeys to the Holy Wells across Ireland. There she met percussionist, composer, Irish Folklore specialist, and native Gaelic speaker Eamonn Cagney, who became the guide for each trip. Word started to spread and soon singer songwriter Fergal O’Connor and poet, singer and artist Caroline Flavin felt called to join in and enjoy the unique and life-changing experiences inspired by the Holy Wells and pristine landscape of Ireland. It was here that the seed of the idea for the album and book was born and grounded.

We see the album as a timely opportunity to spread the positive news that we, as human beings, can embody our soul qualities now by musically and vocally impulsing them on the waters within. And, by connecting our inner waterways with the lakes, rivers, waterfalls and oceans, we can spread the message of peace, freedom and autonomy throughout Ireland and then Europe. In the traditions of our Brehon ancestors we believe that water is our sacred birthright and not an economic commodity.

The four of us feel a sense of urgency to bring the The All is Well Project into manifestation this year. Eamonn Cagney has lots of studio and CD recording experience as does Fergal O’Connor. Together with Caroline Flavin and Patricia Carmody, a great magical synergy forms when they record.

We have already used some of our own resources to fund one day recording with expert Tony Flaherty at Sonas studios, facing Lough Occitane in Killarney. The location of the studio perfectly inspires the reverence we hold for the clear waters as we record.

Our plan is to record, mix, master and design the CD and booklet with the aim to release it by Christmas 2016. The funds we are requesting will cover all the above costs for the finished product and the development of our website www.alliswellnow.org where we hope to share links to raise consciousness about our precious water.

We feel truly blessed with the progress so far and are excited about the quality of the music coming through. There will be a rich array of instruments including Udu- water drum, bodhran, guitars, piano, baritone ukele, uileann pipes, drums, whistle, spoken word, vocals and many recorded sounds of water.

Thank you again for joining us on this musical and meditative journey. We hope that Eamonn's masterful rhythms, Fergal's smoothly melodic guitar, Caroline's ethereal voice and Patricia's soothing meditations connect you to the overflowing and abundant Holy Well that you are.