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The Bionic Rats CD Fundraiser

By The Bionic Rats



The Bionic Rats have started recording album number 4, with a working title of "Irish Twins" and we need your help to get it over the finishing line. We are currently recording the album and are nearly at the mixing stage. This is all being done at our bass player Graham Birney's home studio (the same place we recorded our latest album, "Another Fine Mess").

We recognize that the music business has changed so much over the last few years & everything is available online on Spotify, Youtube etc but there are still some of us who like to have a physical copy, if that sounds like you then please pledge what you can.

This is basically a pre order thing, if we get more than our target we'll also get our latest album "Another Fine Mess" (released Feb 2015) pressed onto CD. And if we exceed that our long out of print first album "Return Of The Bionic Rats" will get pressed up too.

We hope to release this new album before xmas if all goes well.

We were originally looking at getting vinyl but have heard horror stories of 6 to 8 month waiting times & coming up to xmas will be too long a delay so we're sticking with CDs at the moment.

Some background info on the The Bionic Rats:

We are a Dublin based Ska, 2tone & Reggae influenced band who have had so many line up changes in the ten years we've been in existence that if every ex member pledged €20 we'd probably reach our target in a week.

We have independently released 3 original albums over those years.

We play at longest running reggae night in Dublin every Sunday in The Foggy Dew now in it's 10th year.

We have shared the stage with many of our musical heroes over the years with Madness, The Beat, Lee Perry & Horace Andy being the stand out acts. We recently appeared on the Irish TV show "The Imelda May Show"

Our song 'Dear John' from our second album was used by Doc Martins for an online advert last year. Didn't get any free Doc's though.
We all like cake. Who doesn't?




Hi, If you are a funder who chose P&P we need your address If you can send details to... thebionicrats@gmail.com All the best The Bionic Rats

Album Launch - The Grand Social - Sat 06 August

Hi Cd arrived last week so we're all very excited here in Bionic Rats land. Thanks a million for helping get this project out there. We're launching it next week in The Grand Social, Dublin. If you can make it on the night, you're on the guest list & your cd will be waiting. If you can't make it please get in touch & we'll organise getting it to you, if you chose the P&P option we need your address, if you chose collect let us know when is good ( the foggy dew is a good collection point for us) All the best from The Bionic Rats (hope to see you in Grand Social)

June Update

Hi, Good news! We're finished mixing the album (thank you Graham) and are sending it off to Daniel Boyle from Rolling Lion Studios to master it (basically give it a bit of sparkle for a commercial release), it's in good hands as he's worked with some great reggae artists including Lee Perry & Max Romeo. Oh and stick Sat 06 Aug in your diary as we'll be launching in the Grand Social that night. All the best Derek C/o Bionic Rats

March Update

Hi, The album is complete as far as recording goes, so just have to get in and mix the thing, which shouldn't take too long. We were looking at releasing it end of April, but have decided to hold off until after June as me & the missus are expecting a new daughter to show her face mid June, so July or August we'll have some lovely cds & vinyl ready to go. As always thanks for your support. Derek

Fundit Album Progress

Hi all Just to let you know what's going on with the album, we are behind schedule at the moment, we were in yesterday putting percussion down & hope to get the last of the brass down next week. Then get mixing. We're aiming to release it in April to coincide with our 10th anniversary in The Foggy Dew. Will keep you posted on date. A few people have been thinking our recent December cd release of 'Another Fine Mess' was the one they funded. This album was released in Feb 2015 but we only put it out on cd before xmas. Apologies for any confusion & thanks for your patience. The Bionic Rats

Update Oct 30th 2015

Hi folks, just to let you all know how we are getting on, we got the brass solos down last week & hope to get the last of the overdubs done next week. We're behind schedule due to time issues, everyone is busy earning a living so we're trying to fit recording in around that. We hope to start mixing next week also. Looks like we're putting too much pressure on ourselves for a xmas release, so probably be Jan/Feb next year. We hope to have 'Another Fine Mess' on cd before xmas & we'll hold a copy for all the funders as an extra thank you to all you wonderful people. Peace The Bionic Rats.


Well, we made it past the finish line. Thanks to every single one of you for supporting the band. It means so much to have your support.Thanks to all of you we'll definitely get 'seen and not heard' and the soon to be finished LP on cd, and we're looking at doing an ep on vinyl with 2 tracks from each release. A million thank you's from all the bionic rats. Will keep you informed when we're launching and when cd resfy.

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