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The Black and White

By Adam Kennedy Trust


Hi. I'm Robert Cullen. I am one of five trustees of the Adam Kennedy Trust, a charitable fund set up to raise money for a young Sligo boy who was born with Achondroplasia (dwarfism to you and me) and unfortunately a number of other related learning issues.
More of that below.

I am editor of the Sligo Weekender Newspaper and using my experience I have agreed to be project manager of this book "The Black and White" which we are aiming to have on the bookshelves around Sligo and beyond by end of November.

The idea is a simple one. Adam's father, Noel Kennedy, has been a freelance photographer working in and around the North West for two decades. In that time - and in particular when he was working for the Sligo Weekender as a staff photographer - he has collated a fascinating, funny and fond collection of images which will be showcased in this book in stark black and white. Fittingly, black and white are also the colours of the Sligo Gaelic Football team.

Let me tell you a bit about Noel if I may.

His passion for photography grew out of a love of music. His first subjects were the bands and musicians playing in the region. Starting a family and settling down in his family home in Skreen, Noel continued his photography, mixing corporate and press work and capturing stunning images of his new family. He also captured some striking images of his home county and the amazing views from his home in Skreen. Such versatility will be on full display in “The Black and White”. Contained within is a collection of monochrome images that accurately capture the many larger than life characters and unusual situations which have come in front of Noel's viewfinder through the years. Whether it is politicians anxiously looking at election counts, some of the country's finest musicians in full flow or some characterful faces from the markets, fairs, parades and vintage days in the region, this collection is fascinating for the local and non local alike.

The reason for this book is to raise funds for the Adam Kennedy Trust.

Adam was born in October 2004 with Achondroplasia and other medical issues which were not immediately diagnosed, but have, at times, threatened his life.
He suffered from a learning delay which made him non verbal until the age of five. Since then his speaking is still very limited, but he has responded well to one-on-one teaching since the beginning of this year and his family hope this improvement continues.

If you would like more information on Adam and the work of the trust, take a look at our facebook page www.facebook.com/adamkennedytrust.

The design and editing work on the book is being undertaken for free. The funds raised here will go towards covering the printing costs only. We hope you will support our cause and on behalf of the Kennedy family and the trust we thank you in advance for your assistance.



The Black and White

A book of photographs taken by Sligo photographer Noel Kennedy of people from the Sligo area and of people of fame, such as celebrities, politicians etc who came to visit Sligo from the turn of he century to the present.

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