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The Boys Are Back In Town

By MaSamba Samba School


MaSamba was set up in 1994, by people passionate about Brasilian culture. We have worked hard to become the best samba group in Ireland, and have received huge acclaim from audiences in Ireland, throughout Europe, and even Brasil.

The Boys Are Back in Town is our new pageant, celebrating the life and work of Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy. 2011 is the 40th anniversary of the release of the first Thin Lizzy LP, and the 25th anniversary of Phil Lynott’s death. With a whole raft of Thin Lizzy related events, including a major exhibition of memorabilia, and a highly successful tour, there has never been a better time to produce this show!

We have assembled a great team of musicians, artists, designers and makers, and also have the support of Thin Lizzy stalwarts, such as Jim Fitzpatrick, and Smiley Bolger. Already, this pageant is shaping up to be a quality event.

We want this pageant to celebrate Thin Lizzy in a way, which both impresses long-standing fans, and introduces the work to a new audience. We also believe that this story is a great celebration of Dublin culture, and another positive story for the city in difficult times.

Our method has been to choose several iconic Thin Lizzy songs, which we will to bring to life using music, dance and costume. The main sections of the parade will be:

Phil Lynott section – of, course; Phil Lynott will be the master of ceremonies, and the centerpiece of the pageant. Phil’s character will be accompanied by his muse, and accompanied by drummers representing the vinyl albums and CDs of famous Thin Lizzy LPs.

Chinatown – Sultry dancers dressed in costumes inspired by the Jim Fitzpatrick cover for the ‘Chinatown’ album.
Emerald – Stylised Celtic Warriors – part Cuchulainn, part Braveheart, part Village People – All Warriors!
The Rocker – Performers dressed as Heavy Metal Fans – denim, studs, eh, sequins!
King’s Call – A section in honour of one of Phil Lynott’s heroes, Elvis Presley
Jailbreak - a group of flamboyant prisoners, just escaped from prison!

The pageant takes place on Saturday, August 20th (Phil Lynott’s birthday), in the South Prince’s St./Grafton St./Harry St. area – an area synonymous with Phil Lynott, and housing his memorial sculpture.

Dublin City Council have contributed €15,000 to the project, which signifies their confidence in the project. However, it represents 1/3 of the budget necessary to make this show truly unforgettable.

Fund:It contributors will help us make the amazing costumes for the pageant. These costumes are currently being produced for us in Sao Paulo Brasil, by a costume designer who is a legend in the Brazilian carnival scene.

Our awards range from a simple thank-you card through to being in the pageant yourself, so everyone who donates gets something of value, and giving us practical help to make our dreams a reality! We do really care about making this show the best it can be, and hope that you can help us do just that!



Amazing Levels of Support for ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’

It’s only 8 days to go to Phil Lynott’s birthday, and our pageant dedicated to him and his work, ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’! Needless to say, things are very busy behind the scenes with a whole raft of music and dance rehearsals, and a lot of office work, to co-ordinate the project. Usually the admin. Side of things is a chore, but the goodwill towards this project makes it all worthwhile AND a lot more fun than usual! Just today, we learned that the Gaiety Theatre are loaning us a stage and some lighting to house our Thin Lizzy tribute band ‘Remembering Lizzy’. As well as that, they are allowing us to hook into their electricity and their outdoor sound system, all of which makes this part of the gig much easier. Also, as the Gaiety Theatre is one of the local businesses most likely to be affected by the pageant, it’s great to have them on board as a partner in the project. Across the street, the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre is giving us their Management Suite to use as a changing facility for the dancers. This couldn’t be more convenient for us, and it is also a great show of solidarity from another ‘near neighbour’ on the streets of Dublin. Also today, the Civil Defense has confirmed that they will provide ambulance/first aid support for the event. They were very easy to deal with, and we are delighted that they will be with us on the day, although we hope they have absolutely nothing to do! The one fly in the ointment has been a serious delay with the remaining 50 costumes, and there was suddenly a genuine fear that our bateria and 2 sets of dancers wouldn’t have costumes in time for the 20th – not good! This is a result of the lack of funding, where everything is on hold until some money appears, leading to a down to the wire situation. Just when despair is setting in, up steps our good friend and key dancer JP Albuquerque, who is willing to fly to Sao Paulo and back within 3 days, just to make sure that everything arrives in time for the event – that’s dedication for you. We all love trips to Brasil, but not if they’re that short! Also on the costume front, our Queen of the Bateria costume arrived today, in full splendour – it is an amazing confection, following on the ‘Chinatown’ theme, and inspired by the work of artist Jim Fitzpatrick (and thousands of years of Chinese culture). Kelly slipped it on today, and it looks absolutely fantastic! Finally, the last piece of good news is that our Fund:It campaign is really starting to gain momentum, and we have jumped about 15% over the last two days alone. We are at 63% as I write, and I know that quite a few people have pledged to make a pledge over the next couple of days, BUT – that’s all we have left 2 DAYS! Thanks to all of you who have made pledges to date – we know who you are and we really appreciate it!!

Just Over A Week To Go!

Hi Folks, Apologies for the lack of updates, but things have been incredibly busy with us over the last couple of weeks, with all sorts of positive things happening on the 'Boys Are Back In Town' front! We have received our posters (which will go up around the city from tomorrow), as well as postcards, etc. More costumes will arrive next week, with the last shipment due in over the week of the pageant nail-biting stuff, but that's the way it has to be! We are also finalising the designs for our T-Shirts, which will be printed next week. Unfortunately, we can't attach images here, but you can see them on our facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/MaSamba-Samba-School/75186972800 We are just waiting on clearance from Jim Fitzpatrick on the 2nd design, which is based on the Black Rose motif. Both will be completely unique to this project, and we hope you like them! Finally, the fund it campaign is lying just below 30%, with 9 days to go. It is going to be tight, but doing the maths, if another 92 people contributed at the same rates as you fine people, we would hit the target. If everyone who has donated persuaded just 2 more people to do the same, we would get there. You have done so much to help us so far, but if you have 10 minutes free this week, contact your friends/contacts through Facebook, email lists, etc. and ask them to help us - we will REALLY appreciate it!

Huge Progress This Week!

We have had a great week of workshops so far this week, but it was nice to be back in rehearsals last night for a very special night! Firstly, so many people in the band were back from holidays and work commitments, that it felt like the first day in school after the summer holidays – lots of hugs, laughs, stories and catching up. Generally, a great vibe all around! More importantly, we entered full-on Thin Lizzy mode, with a series of different things on the go, all at once, which made for a hectic rehearsal room. Firstly, we finally got to unpack the first batch of costumes, and see them for the first time – there were a lot of oohs and aahs, as well as come concern – ‘Are we wearing that?’ As it turns out, we have less than half the costumes so far, with two full dance wings and the drummers’ costumes still to be completed. With this in mind, we remind you all of the Fund It website, where people can donate to making the project happen to the highest standard – we need your support on this, and donations can be as little as €5! With the costumes put away, it was down to the music, and we had to do a little work to re-configure our PA to make it easier to rehearse along with the Thin Lizzy tracks. This involved the usual array of ladders, cables, and a bit of grunting, but we got it sorted in jig time! With this done, we got cracking on the music! We have been exploring some ideas around putting percussion to the tracks we will play over the last 3 weeks, but last night, we worked through the full arrangement of Jailbreak – it sounded pretty good, and we have plenty of time to nail it ahead of August 20th, which is the day that ‘The Boys Are Back In Town!’ To all our supporters so far - please spread the word, so that we can get the 2nd batch of costumes made, and make this a great show!

Costumes Have Arrived from Brasil

29 boxes of costumes landed in from Brasil earlier in the week, containing most of the costumes for 'The Boys Are Back In Town'. As soon as we have a chance to unpack everything, and get some pictures, we will post a blog to our website! Also, we have confirmed the venue for the afters-party, which is McGrattan's Bar, just off Baggot Street - all our fund:it contributors are invited!

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