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The Calvinists Debut album "King of lies

By The Calvinists


The purpose of this Fund it campaign is to raise funds for the mixing, mastering & Duplication of our debut album 'King of Lies'

Having formed in 2010 in Bantry, Co.Cork, 'The Calvinists' were quickly noticed by a New York Times journalist, who gave the band a rave review in his article on travelling through Ireland. This caught the attention of the Irish media and the band were asked to perform on RTE televisions primetime 'Saturday Night Show' as well as doing a number of “live in studio” radio spots and interviews on national and regional stations.

In 2011 the band released an E.P. 'Durango' and songs such as 'Memphis Belle' & 'Anchor' received regular airplay on RTE’s radio one as well as regional and local stations in Ireland and the US. In 2012 the band line up changed and so did its musical direction.

The Calvinists reached the final of the Hot Press/ 2fm 'play on the day' competition and were featured on a special flip cover of Hot Press magazine. The magazine described the band’s live performances as “A knees up that outstrippes the likes of the Lumineers & Mumford & sons”.

In July 2013, while Ireland was basking in the summer sun, the band baked in the recording studio laying down the tracks for our debut album. The recording was finished at the end of July and the band planned to finish the album over the Autumn but unfortunately tragedy struck.

In October of 2013 the bands bass player, Taidhg Burke Neff passed away from injuries sustained in a car accident. Taidhg was a great creative presence within the band and wrote a majority of the songs in the bands repertoire. We wanted to release the album because we are proud of it as an original piece of work that would be appreciated by a wider audience. Unfortunately fate stepped in to transform our desire into complete determination and with your help the album will be released in April 2014. We hope you will enjoy it for its creative content and cherish it as a lasting tribute to Taidhg who put so much of himself into the band and the album.We would love for everyone to hear his music.

The album will be mixed, mastered and duplicated in February / March and released in April.
Please help us get it out there.

Listed below are some lovely rewards to choose from in return for your support. Whether your preference is just a copy of the album or a nice meal cooked by the band (and we can cater for all dietary requirements) please help us to fund this project. Thanks sincerely for taking the time to look at this campaign.



The Album is finished

Hello everyone, we are delighted to announce that the album is now finished and is being Printed as we speak & we will be sending out all the rewards in the next couple of weeks. We would like to take this opportunity once again to thank you all for your generous contributions to help make this album happen. We are so grateful for your generosity & support. We will be launching the album on the 22nd of May at the Frisky Whiskey Bar which is Upstairs in the Oliver Plunkett in Cork City. we understand that some of you who purchased tickets through our Fund it rewards are living abroad. If you happen to be able to make the launch we would be delighted to see you there. If you cannot make the Launch and would like to allocate your ticket to someone else that you know who would like to come Send us an email at thecalvinists@gmail.com & we will happily keep the tickets at the door for your chosen person. Those of you who purchased a download code for our Previously released E.P "Durango"should have received an email with your code. If you have purchased this reward & not received your code please let us know as soon as possible and we can rectify it immediately In the last couple of months you also should have received an email from us asking for T-shirt sizes & addresses. If you have replied to this email then you will receive your rewards on time. If you have not replied to this email, it can delay your rewards being delivered. We will keep you updated as to when we send out all the goodies. Thank you again & hopefully we will see you at the Launch. Marc, Frank & Darragh www.facebook.com/thecalvinistband www.thecalvinists.com


Hello everyone, First off once again a huge thankyou to everyone who has supported this project. It really is amazing the contribution ye have all made. Everything is in motion at the moment to get the album finished. We understand that there were some of you who's payments could not be processed. If you still wish to purchase one of our rewards, please email us at thecalvinists@gmail.com and we can organize an alternative method of payment in order to ensure you get your chosen rewards. We are currently making plans for the launch and we will be confirming all the dates very soon. We will keep you all posted. We are now in the process of organizing all your lovely rewards. We will be sending out emails to you all very soon regarding information about your rewards.


Hi Everyone, We are over half way in our campaign & Pledges are still being made. Thankyou to everyone who has pre ordered the album & More. To give you an update on where we are with the album. We are delighted to announce that the mixing dates have been booked for the first 2 weeks in April. this is a little later than we hoped but it's not too far off. This means the album release will be in May. We are really delighted, That the album will be mixed by legendary music producer Tony Platt. Tony has worked with some of the greatest names in the industry including AC/DC, Bob Marly, Thin Lizzy, Soul Wax & The Bad Plus. We are really honoured to be working with him. you can see the rest of his discography here: http://www.platinumtones.com/discography.htm We are getting really excited about the release of this album, Thankyou everyone for their continued support


We really are taken back by how well this campaign has gone. We have reached the target in just a week. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, We really are so grateful to everyone who has pledged in this campaign & helped to spread the word. We are delighted to be able to say that this album will happen and we have already set the wheels in motion to get it finished. Due to a Scheduling issue we have had to push the mixing & mastering to April, But everything is ready to go otherwise. We would really like to thank Michael Rob Costine for making the video for us. He had about 2 weeks of footage to sort through and he did an amazing job. If anyone out there is interested in his work (& it is worth checking out) you can find it at http://www.lemuraymedia.com We will be keeping you updated on the progress as the weeks move on. Thankyou again to everyone for their support


Well everyone, we have gone over the 70% point of this campaign. Thankyou so much again to everyone who has pledged, Shared and supported the band. We are truly grateful for it. Just to give you all a little background on the recording of the album. We had spent a long time over 2013 pondering how we were going to record this album. Should we get a big name producer? should we go to a major studio? Should we record to tape? Should we do it ourselves? These caused many a debate in the van as we drove to gigs. In the end it came down to a number of factors. The big one being not having any money due to our van deciding to break down every time we seemed to want to go anywhere (a lot of bands out there will know what we are talking about). It also came down to having a certain amount of control over the production of the album which can be easily taken away if you get the wrong producer. When the "Durango" E.P was recorded, It was done thanks to the support of Colin Vearncombe A.K.A Black & engineer Andy Patterson. Colin let us record using his studio facilities and became a mentor to the band, always offering great advice, which was honed from his many years of being in a music industry that was constantly changing. For this album we decided to go back into Colins studio as it had great facilities as well being very close to where we were based. We got a wonderful up & coming engineer from York by the name of Stephen Craven( http://skuaudio.com/About.html ). Stephen's Forte was recording live performances and as we wanted to really capture the essence of what we play live, he was perfect for the job. His technical skills were not only great, but his patience and ability to listen to our needs was incredible. The summer of 2013 was without a doubt the hottest we had seen for a while and for the first 2 weeks of July we had locked ourselves in a barn with one window and started rehearsals for the album. Needless to say it was a sweaty affair and any chance we had we would run down to a pond very near us and dive in to cool off. Stephen arrived from york in the second week of July and we got to the studio and got stuck in. The studio had windows all around , looking out onto the sea. It was a really beautiful place to focus on the album. Needless to say it was veeerrrrrrry warm in there but at least we had enough windows to open. We recorded the album in 8 days spread over 2 weeks. Stephen set up 2 cameras in the studio and recorded a ton of footage over that time. During the recording we had a number of gigs around the country to do and Stephen travelled with us and took plenty footage as well as recorded a number of the gigs. He was a great guy to have around for those weeks. Throughout the recording of this album there were plenty of high's, lows, Elation, Cabin fever madness & Musical experimentation but ultimately all this brought us even closer as a band and we were very happy with the creation that we left the studio with. Finishing this album and getting it out there was our ultimate goal then and it is even more so now. So again, Sincerely, Thankyou to everyone who has helped on this journey. We are extremely grateful.

What a first day

Hey Everyone. We just cant believe we are at 28% after the first day. Thankyou,thankyou,thankyou. The response has been fantastic. we still have a way to go but this is a great start. We are really excited about getting this album out to you all.

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