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The Celtic Clan Comic

By Nigel Flood


Hello, my name is Nigel Flood, and I have always been passionate about comics and an avid collector of them too. I am also the writer of the comic book called The Celtic Clan which is an Irish independent comic book that will be hitting the comic shops in 2012. I am hoping to raise funds for the printing and promoting on the comic. The artwork is done by Frank J Right, the comic stars Ireland's premier super-powered team who have a secret base underneath Newgrange and fight an ongoing battle with an ancient race of shape-shifting reptilians who call themselves The First Race.

It is a 32 page comic and we want to present this work in the best package possible . All funds raised will go towards printing and promotion of the first issue. This is only the beginning of a 6 issue mini series, so with the funds raised I am hoping to put Ireland on the map when it comes to comics.





The Celtic Clan has been nominated for 4 award at ICN Awards

It's time to vote Celtic Clan fans , please vote for the Celtic Clan as best Irish indie comic and Frank J Right as best Irish indie artist and myself as best Irish indie writer . And don't forget to vote for the Celtic Clan as best all round Irish comic. Without you Funder this would not be possible so I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my dream a reality. Thank you. ICN AWARDS 2012 VOTING NOW OPEN! http://t.co/5XkhPIgr


Getting all the rewards ready to be posted out. I will be emailing all the donator's soon.

T-Shirt Reward News!

Hello, We are currently getting the T-shirts printed and wanted to show you the design! We will post up a pic of the finished article very soon. For now follow this link to see the Citizen T-shirt! http://www.flickr.com/photos/85159720@N05/7801960630/in/photostream

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