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The Chocolate Fairy goes to the market

By The Chocolate Fairy


My name is Annika aka 'The Chocolate Fairy'. When my lovely cake pop friends on the farmer's market told me that they would move away, I was devastated.

But then it struck me. I should ask them if they would teach me how to make their cake pops and how to work with chocolate in general. And they did!

Now...to make my dream of my own stall at the farmer's market happen I will need your help.

I've done a couple of test batches (which were gone in a blink! yay! ), designed my own logo for my facebook page (check it out, it's a little fairy! :D ) and sewed it onto my stall decoration. I bought the cheapest table I was able to find and was delighted when I remembered the crappy gazebo, which came with our BBQ.

I got display stands made out of a old kitchen plate and drilled every single one of the 196 holes myself. My husband organised a wonderful piece of marble, for free!

I informed the health authorities and my kitchen got approved, ordered 1050 sticks and 1008 sugar eyes and contacted all the chocolate producers I could find.

And then I realised, no matter how stubborn I am and how many hours I work, I can't do it alone. I still need melting pots, as holding the chocolate on one temperature while dipping cake pops is almost impossible with a water bath on an electric hob. I need chocolate to dip my cake pops in, but one kg costs between 7 and 15 € (average). And I'd love to offer coloured cake pops and high end 68% wild Bolivian chocolate bars and discs, because more people should try it, and it is the finest piece of chocolate I've ever tasted!

I want to order one opened and one closed cacao pod, to show the children and adults at my stall where the goodies they eat are coming from. They would also make amazing decoration!

Before I write too much I will stop here and finish with a quote from Henry David Thoreau:

"Do not worry if you have built your castles in the air. They are where they should be. Now put the foundations under them."

Will you help me put a foundation under them? In exchange you get yummy treats or even the knowledge how to make them or you could get immortal (kind of), with your cake pop designed after your face! :D Check out my rewards, every party is better with themed cake pops! <3

The Chocolate Fairy