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The Death of a Socialite

By The Project Syndrome


The Death of a Socialite is the my debut novel. I am asking for €1,000  to print 100 copies, €200 for a launch party and €100 for advertising.

This novel follows Gareth Rafter around Dublin City during the winter of 1999 as he approaches his adulthood but struggles to find his place in the overbearing political turmoil that is negatively affecting his life and everyone around him to the point of breaking.

Gareth's artistic ability seems to set him apart from his family and friends but his social circumstances and the emotional pit he has been digging for himself since he was a child seems too deep a plot for his escape into the riches and success that he obviously desires and so rightfully deserves.

As we move through this life determining fortnight that leads up to Gareth's plan to leave home and the social responsibilities he has been forced to adhere to we find out just how much emotional baggage has been weighing him and his social circle down.

He and his friends, in particular Michael Dingham are completely emotionally lost from the knock on effect of ancestral shell shock, economic constraints, being Irish in the European Union and it's deafening connotations not to mention the roaring drug war that surrounds their every aspiration for a fruitful career and a happy home.

Gareth cannot help but recall a subliminal plot against them, something initiated when they were young boys, under Charles Haughey's involvement in Apartheid.

As they experiment with mind altering substances for social alleviation and artistic inspiration Gareth has the disturbing conviction that he was used as a Government experiment and sent abroad as a child using mind control methods that should not have become apparent to him. The only method of doing so would be the misuse of psychotropic substances that have become a social norm in 1990s Dublin.

Is it all a dream or has he been used to exploit the Third World to fuel Europe's economy? Could his many years of military duty, clear cut memories have culminated as far to make him a primary target in the cover up of the attack on The Twin Towers in New York City?

If not, if it is all his imagination then why are people following him around Dublin and warning him to leave as soon as he can? Is his imagination really so powerful or is he as he suspects being used to manipulate the world's economy against the former European colonies and maintain our society to an overdeveloped standard of living?

Now that Gareth is an adult he must for the first time in his life begin making his own decisions and he does not nor did he ever agree with his Continent's exploits. He plans to break away from his community and somehow create an impact with his still very naive opinions of what an ideal we as a world community could aspire to.

But will he get out of Dublin in time?



Just one week left now

Hi there!

Just a quick note to say that there is just one week left in my latest campaign, here’s a link 





The Winding Reign is doing great



 I just wanted to write and let you know that I am at 41% of my target for The Winding Reign,

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Cracking start to the new project

We are off to a great start with the new project 14% after two days

New project just gone live

My third novel is now a live project on Fundit, click here for more information The Winding Reign

Book Launch, 10th December, 18.30 - 20.00, The James Joyce Centre.

Hi all, Just thought that I would let you know that the book is printed and will be launched at the James Joyce Centre next week, Tuesday the 10th at 18.30, come along and get your copy and meet up with the other funditeers if you can, would love to see you all there and get a chance to thank you all in person, Happy Christmas, Ed Buckley.

Thanks to Caitriona Howard for making a donation!

Am thrilled to say that a Colaiste Iosagain graduate and good friend Caitriona Howard has donated even though we have reached the target, very generous of you Caitriona! Thanks so much! Hope to see you at the Launch!!

105% completed, thanks to everyone who helped out!!!

Hey, just want to let you all know that we made it, the project is at 105% with 23 hours to go!!! What a relief, thank you for letting me realize a lifelong dream, will get rewards out to you soon, all the very best to you all, Edmund.

Good on ye Brian Parr for getting in there!

Cheers to Brian Parr for donating, almost there now, am getting all tingly and nervous, will have this book out for the Christmas stockings!!

Thanks to Colm Murphy for his donation!

Almost at the end now and very happy to say that I have almost got over the line thanks to so many kind contributors, thanks to Colm Murphy from Colaiste Eoin and Scoil na nOg for his donation!!

A very generous anonymous funder wants me to get over the line!

Hey, got to say thank you to an anonymous funder who gave quite a big chunk of the budget to see me over the line, Thank you!!

Thanks to Keara Killian for a donation!

Really thrilled to have a donation from Keara Killian a great support to the arts! Hope to get a copy of the books out to you soon!

Thank Tommy Holden from Colaiste Eoin for donating.

Got to say a big thank you to Tommy Holden for donating to the campaign! Just one more day to go!

Thanks to Kevin Wallace for a donation!

Want to say thank you to another IADT funditeer, Kevin Wallace for his kind donation today. Very happy to be reaching the end of the fundit campaign, thanks to everyone who contributed, Edmund.

Thanks to an anonymous funditeer!

Hey, just want to say thank you to some shy funditeer who gave a donation today, don't know who you are but I just wanted to say that appreciate it, All the best, Edmund.

Almost at 50% now, just five days to go!

Hey, just want to say thank you to everyone for their contributions so far and we are getting close to the deadline. Have had some good news that should materialize in the next few days!! Hope all is well and hope to get your signed books out to you soon, Eddie.

Daragh Moneley has just donated!

Hey just want to say thank you to Daragh Moneley for giving a contribution to the project! Really psyched now to be reaching the end!!

Thanks to Sinead McCluskey for contributing!

Hey, just want to give a big thank you to Sinead McCluskey for giving a donation towards the novel. EMCS are really showing great support!

Thanks to Mick Hogan for making a second time contribution!

Cheers to a Terenure boy for giving a contribution towards the project a second time, forgot to thank Barry McGrath for doing this too, hope to get a book out to you soon. All the best, looking good so far, Eddie.

Thanks to Saffron Rosenstock for a generous top up!

Thrilled that another school friend has made a contribution to the project. Thanks so much to Saffron from Colaiste Iosagain for giving a contribution to the novel. I hope to get one out to you soon and to see you at the book launch.

Thanks Damien for giving a donation!

Hey, gotta say chuffed with the support from Colaiste Eoin, Damien Dollard got in there with a donation for an old school buddy. Hope to see you at the book launch, All the best, Eddie.

Thanks to Julie mcGee for giving a donation to the project!

I have to say that I am thrilled that a fellow IADT student has supported the novel. Thanks so much Julie. It is full of EMCS goodness and I hope to get a copy to you soon, All the best, Ed.

Cheers to Peter Devitt for a top up. Sound man!

Hey just wanted to say thanks to Peter Devitt for his contribution. you're only sound buddy. I think that there was a sneaky anonymous one too. Hope I can meet that target and get rewards flying out soon!

Thanks to Lewina Buckley for donating.

Thanks to my sister Lewina for contributing to the fundit campaign really chuffed with the response from everyone!! Here's to writing!

Thanks to Fionnuala Wallace for her generous contribution

Hey just want to say thank you to Fionnuala Wallace for her donation. Will have to meet up for a launch party/school reunion before Christmas. Thanks again, Ed.

Cheer to Barry McGrath for a Rainy Tuesday Top up!

Thanks to Barry Mc Grath, a local from the old town of Mount Merrion for his generous donation on a fluthering wet Tuesday. There is not a hope of me going outside in that.

Big shout out to Chris Judge.

Hey just want to say that Chris Judge is the first to contribute this week, loads of rewards, signed copies etc. going, sure it's a bargain!

Thanks to Adele Ryan, my sister for a generous top up!

The stock is rising I tells ye, thanks to my sister Adele for her support all of these years by swapping books, films and c.d.s, couldn't have got this far without you!

Advertising definitely does work!

Hey, thrilled that my campaign has been given a boost by another anonymous funder. Thank you, please let me know if you want a signed book or two.

Another Fundit Contribution on a Saturday of all Days!

Wow last time around no one was giving out cash at the weekend and now I have had three in the space of 24 hours. Must be a sign that the party is over!

Big thanks to Keith Dunne for being so generous on the weekend!

Gotta say thanks to Keith Dunne, sound as a bell for sorting me out on the weekend of all times with a generous top up. Must meet up soon.

Redzer popped in for a cuppa and a contribution!

Good on fellow deer parker Ciaran Redmond for popping around for a chat and a few quid towards the project. Sound man as always!

St. Laurence's is your only man!

Gotta say go raibh mile to Gerry Nolan, a fella from primary school so generous as to help out a fellow elastic red tie wearer!

Two Funditeers in 24 hours-so Far so Good!

Hi just psyched about the support in such a small space of time. Thanks to the anonymous contributor and to Sheridan Flynn from Colaiste Eoin for his kickstart donation!!

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