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The Dreamer and the Bicycle

By Trench Entertainment LTD


The Dreamer and the Bicycle is a story about a lonely archivist, who day after day files away the past. He imagines historical events from within the debris of Ireland's history. His irritating boss is a source of constant tension and his only salvation is a girl he passes every morning on his way to work. He doesn't even know her name, but she epitomises all that he is not. This simple story weaving imagination into the boring mundane routine of daily chores. It will appeal to those who like to escape from reality of their lives into the wold of daydreaming...

The Dreamer and the Bicycle will be directed by me (Jack Kavanagh). I directed several stage plays before moving to film, my first film was "The Colonel". I also produced the short film “He Moved Through The Fair", which was the third film submitted to Fund It last year. Which has premiered in the Galway Film Fleadh. I hope this project goes as well as the last one!

My producer is Colin Watts. Colin served as Second Assistant Director on “The Colonel” and “He Moved Through the Fair”. Colin has worked on a variety of productions over the last ten years as well as having relevant experience in event management.

Production Design will be handled by the talented Caroline Norris. Caroline worked as the costume designer on “He Moved Through The Fair” where she also served as a Consulting Production Designer.

Leo Winslow is my Director of Photography. A graduate of Prague Film school, Leo has worked on a broad range of projects from commercials to music videos to television and features. Some of his previous credits include “Affinity” for ITV, “L'Enfance d'Icare” for Elephant Films, and “The Dark is Rising” for Walden Media/20th Century Fox.

Your contributions will be our budget. We have our location but what we need is materials, equipment, food and transport. Our main expenses will be building the set, transporting our equipment and to keep our crew fed and warm. Remember we're filming in December!

The quotes are in, the budget is drawn up, the locations are agreed and confirmed, the principal cast are signed, and the crew are being assembled.

Many thanks for taking an interest in this project! And remember all your pledges not only create art, but also create some hope for some very lonely archivists!

Please help spread the word, the whole crew is very excited about this project!


Jack Kavanagh



Best Short Film Award

Hi all, Just a quick update our previous short film, "He Moved Thriugh The Fair" just won best short film at the Underground Cinema Film Festival! Remember there are only 14 days left on this campaign any and all support would be greatly appreciated, please share this project to your friends and colleagues. And remember your supporting the arts! Best, Jack Kavanagh Director Trench Entertainment

We're Making Progress!

We've just reached over 11%! Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. A lonely archivist will be receiving hugs somewhere at the end of the rainbow. Keep spreading the word and tell everyone you know how you're supporting this.

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