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The Drip by Gordon Green

By 2plus4 Publishing


"The Drip" written by Gordon Green and illustrated by Sarah Bowie is the story of water's lifecycle told in a funny, entertaining and educational way. The story, told from the point of view of a drip, tells of its adventures as it jumps from the tap down the plughole, through the sewers, rivers and sea as it winds its way back to the tap. Experiencing lots of adventures and growing in courage "The Drip" will appeal to children from 3 up to 8-9 years. "The Drip" experiences many of the emotions that a young child experiences when they embark on something new. The story can be used purely for entertainment, however, there is also an educational benefit as the child learns how water is recycled and cleaned for our reuse. As such, "The Drip" will be a useful resource in the classroom.

The illustrations by Sarah Bowie comprise detailed backdrops.

When "The Drip" was trialled at our local school we received very positive feedback from all the children in third class.

This book is to be published by 2plus4 Publishing which was set up by Gordon Green and his wife Maria Macklin in 2008 to publish Gordon's first book "Buzz Off".

"Buzz Off" tells the story of a busy, buzzy, tired little fly. He just wants a warm bed for the night, but in the farmyard where he lives the other animals are not much help. Offers of a bed are not always what they seem. His plans are all in a mess ... until help comes from an unexpected source and all ends well!

To date 2plus4 Publishing has sold over 1500 copies of "Buzz Off" and was reviewed on RTE's The Afternoon Show where it was chosen as "the children's read for the summer" in 2008. It also featured in an article in The Irish Times.

Gordon, Maria and Sarah appreciate your help in collaborating with us on this project. Our aim is to have The Drip published to launch at the end of November. We also hope to have your rewards with you shortly after that in early December.