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The Druids Irish Band new studio album

By The Druids Irish Band


We are delighted to be embarking on the long awaited studio album. Over the years many of our listeners have encouraged us to hit the studio and give an album the full treatment. Well the time has come. The Druids are now hitting the studio for the recording of a new studio album together with music videos. High quality videos will also be produced to give visual images. The Druids have a lot to offer and have decided to absolutely throw all the bells and whistles at this project. We are developing our sound and fine tuning our songs.

We are always so greatful to our audience at home and abroad. They come out to see us in New York and Newry, from Boston to Ballycanew. We have a special relationship with all of you. We want you to be involved in this album's development.

The album will be recorded by the original members of the band, Mick, Paddy, Gary and of course Zak.

1. 5000 euro on recording album in a top class studio

2. 2000 euro on recording videos

The Druids Irish Band from Co. Kildare Ireland started in 2008. After ten years The Druids are now an integral part of the Irish Folk Scene.Their songs carry the story of Ireland, songs and stories which are delivered with passion and conviction. The Druids now tour, Ireland, Scotland, England, Denmark, Belgium, Spain and up to four tours a year in the USA. Their live show is a must for all lovers of Irish song music and history. It is both entertaining and educational. The Druids won the Irish Folk Music Award in 2017.

We are ready to go with this project, all aspects are planned well. We don't envisage any risks. If we encounter any we have an experienced team.

Crowdfunding is a way for people to be involved in the development of the project. It's an inclusive process, which is in line with the ethos of our band.

Thank you very much for taking time to read about our project. We are grateful for any support.



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