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The Eulogist

By Ruairi Heading


In Development Theatre Company is established by Simon Manahan and Ruairi Heading, to explore, create and write new theatre. Central to this is our interest in working without a prescribed script to begin with, to develop and build from an initial idea or concept and exploring the subject matter and the nature of how we tell a story.

A brutal attack leaves one brother in control. Left asking difficult questions and forced to consider the options, the feeling of helplessness is one he can't avoid. As the eulogy is being prepared the full impact of the decision is understood when memories of childhood adventures surface.

This one man show examines the changing relationship between two brothers as responsibility and the reality of an impossible decision is realised.

The Eulogist is our first venture, taking place from July 1st-7th in Theatre Upstairs as part of the 10 days in Dublin Festival. We need your help to get it off the ground. This is where you & Fundit come in.

So how does Fund it help? ??

Funds raised through Fund it will help us cover rental of rehearsal space, insurance,lighting, sound,set, artists’ expenses (although they perform for free, some expenses are unavoidable), programmes & posters need to be printed and distributed, advertising & media coverage ...the list is a mile long.

Even the smallest contribution through this Fund It campaign would make a massive difference in helping to make The Eulogist happen.

The tag line we've adopted is 'Lets make this happen'. Thanks in advance for helping. We appreciate your supportive role in making this happen – its invaluable!



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