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The Five Lamps Arts Festival 2017

By Five Lamps Arts Festival


The Five Lamps Arts Festival 2017 is a week long arts festival in the north inner city of Dublin taking place from 30th March to 6th April. There are 40 events that celebrate the new and older cultures of this historic area. The festival is a bottom up approach to community development. This year we are delighted to be celebrating our 10th year!

The festival team are all volunteers who are passionate about the arts, nobody gets paid except the artists and performers. All money raised goes directly to the artists. We have many free events for the local community and always ensure that all childrens' events are free. We work closely with local schools and community centres throughout the year to produce arts events and activities.

We get support from the Dublin City Council Arts Office and also the Community Development office. We host coffee mornings in our homes and fundraise locally. We take a percentage of the box office takings which helps us to cover our costs. 

The festival costs €25,000 in total, we have over 40 events, each event costs an average of €500 each (to facilitate paying artists and performers). 

We rely on social media and digital marketing to market our events and get our message out to as many people as possible. Please help us to spread the Five Lamps love!

The Five Lamps is a very historic and culturally rich area of Dublin that has hit hard times recently. There is a vibrant and inclusive arts scene that embraces everyone. Our aim is to enable the local community to celebrate its heritage and to bring other Dubliners and tourists to this area to help us make the Five Lamps shine!
Thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you.
Without you this festival will not be possible,


Roisin Lonergan

Artistic Director



Five Lamps Arts Festival 2018

Hi Folks, the Five Lamps Arts Festival are back on Fundit again for our second crowdfunding campaign. Support this unique vibrant community-based festival in the North Inner City of Dublin and get awesome rewards!

In 2018 the Festival is celebrating its 11 year, and we relie on the support of our volunteers and funders.

Be part of the Five Lamps Arts Festival 2018!!!

This year the Festival has confirmed:

More than 13 different Venues;

Around 100 artists involved;

Walking tours;

Outdoor events at the Canal and a lot more.



Thank You!

Everyone involved with the 2017 Five Lamps Arts Festival would like to thank you for getting involved in our fund:it campaign and enabling this year’s festival to slather its unique charm across Dublin’s north-inner city for the tenth year running! This year the festival ran for 8 days; it showcased a variety of art forms - theatre, music, stories, magic, film, visual art - in unlikely locations – parish halls, college basements and gymnasiums, boats. As usual, we seek to keep things interesting and to embrace diversity. I think anyone who attended the festival would agree that each event played host to an atmosphere of community and openness and vitality that continues to set our festival apart from others. The Five Lamps Arts Festival aims to promote access to the arts for all because we think that everyone should have the opportunity to derive enjoyment and meaning from art, without barriers or hesitation. So once again thank you for your generous support; you helped us reach our target of €3,500. The festival is run entirely by volunteers who do not get paid and the majority of events are free; the money raised went towards paying artists for their work, many of whom were local, and the general running of the festival. Your contribution and endorsement is APPRECIATED and has been vital to the success of the 2017 festival. P.s Some of you have not collected goodies – notebooks, t-shirts - connected to donations made. Please contact us if you would like to claim your prizes.

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