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The Food, the Bad and the Ugly.

By The Domestic Godless


For fifteen years The Domestic Godless have been working on the very fringes of Ireland’s blossoming gastronomic renaissance employing food (its taste its presentation its production and cultural values) as artistic material for irreverent experimentation.

Those fifteen years have produced installations, banquets and performances in such places as the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the majestic Castletown House in Kildare, an abandoned hotel in the heart of Athens and a mini-skip at the gates of City Hall in Belfast.

Now… at long last… we are making a book!

All the recipes, the research and history will be lovingly re-assembled illustrated and designed, in a tome of over 180 pages, narrated by respected food critics, long-entombed TV cooks and ourselves amongst others. The book itself is an artwork.

“The Food the Bad and the Ugly” will go print in September and come off the press in late October where it will be launched at the Crawford Gallery Cork, to coincide with an exhibition that celebrates our fifteen years in existence.

We are the Domestic Godless: artists Mick O’Shea, Irene Murphy and Stephen Brandes all based in various bits of Cork.

The Domestic Godless came into existence in 2002, each of us having been invited as artists, to exhibit at the Project Arts Centre in Dublin. Possessing a shared interest in food, we decided to cook at the opening, seeking the strangest ingredients we could find. We were consequently invited to produce a recipe column for the Visual Artists Ireland news sheet over the following two years.

We have since trodden a fine line between cuisine and art, researching the stranger corners of global food culture, creating installations, banquets and performances throughout Ireland and abroad.

Our latest venture at the beginning of April 2017 involved building an installation of amuse bouches for the opening of the Athens Biennale in Greece.

We are seeking funding purely to cover the costs of printing the book, as an edition of 1200, using a printer based in Ireland.

We have received a Project Award from Cork City Council towards the research of new material and backing from the Crawford Gallery, Cork to cover the labour costs for compiling and designing the book.

All of the proceeds from your support will go towards the printing, postage and packaging of these wonderful books. Any extra we receive will be invested in making the experience of visiting us at the Crawford Gallery in Autumn even more special.

We are currently ahead of schedule with the research and design of the book. We don't foresee any challenges or risks in getting the copy to print for the deadline at the beginning of September, should we reach our Fund it target.

The Domestic Godless would like to thank you heartily for your support in realising this very special book. x



The Food, the Bad & the Ugly

Dear Funders.

We happily announce that the book has been printed!

I'm sure you are eager to get you hands on the treasure, but they're currently being kept in a secret location to mature and develop a musty aroma that will compliment any cheese-board.

Just to remind you, the book will be launched between 12.00 noon and 2.00 pm on Saturday 4th November at the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork. Your book(s) will be presented to you there.

Those of you who cannot attend - PLEASE LET US KNOW, (if you haven't done already), and provide an address to where you would like your book to be sent, by email to stephenbrandes@gmail.com

Books not collected from the launch (if not delivered peronally or by pigeon) will be posted out from Monday 13th November, so you should receive your copy/copies before the end of the month.

With warmest regards

The Domestic Godless x


the Food, The Bad & The Ugly

Dear Funders Good news! The book has gone to print... there's no turning back now! No twiddling of thumbs however, as we plan new recipes for our exhibition at the Crawford Gallery, Cork in November. We hope to see many of you then! Kindest regards The DG x

The Food, The Bad & The Ugly

Dear Funders We have now received all of your contact details, regarding your awards. As previously mentioned, the book will be hot off the press by the end of October, but I will be in contact with each of you over the coming weeks with more in formation and a personal thank you. All the best Stephen

The Food, The Bad & The Ugly

Dear Funders THANK YOU! It's official.. we've done it!!! Or rather... YOU'VE done it...!!!! We can announce that the official launch of the book will be at 1.00pm on Saturday 4th November, when we will also formally open our exhibition at The Crawford Gallery, Cork. Funders will be invited to a special celebration beforehand at 12.00 noon on this day, to receive your book(s), and be treated to a selection of seasonally inappropriate abuse-bouches and mouthwashes. PLEASE email me if you plan to attend at the address below and you will receive more info by return email. To those of you who cannot make it to the launch, you will receive your book(s) by post/courier/carrier pigeon within the days following (or maybe even before). Wishing you all the very best! We look forward to presenting you with the fruits of your funding... Warmest regards The Domestic Godless xxx For correspondence: stephenbrandes@gmail.com

The Food, The Bad & The Ugly

What can we say? The campaign to produce the book is (as I write) 71% on the road to success, and we have one week to go. Thank you everyone! Those of you who follow us on Facebook will encounter a new image every day in the countdown to the last judgement... If you find these images disturbing and wish to complain, please feel free to do so, but please share them with friends and family first... Warmest regards The DG xxx

The Food, The Bad & The Ugly

1st June 16.55: Over 100 Funders! Thank you all for your support! Still a little way to go though, but we're confident we'll make it... (meanwhile, hair and chewed fingernails are being tweezered out of the soufflés). Keep following our Facebook & Instagram snippets from the project and please feel free to nag you friends and acquaintances to buy the book too! Kind regards The DG xxx

The Food, The Bad & The Ugly

Dear Funders, The book is ticking along just nicely... and to cap it off we have all had to undergo food safety training over the past couple of weeks, so you can imagine what sort of material that has inspired... Thank you all, and keep telling your friends what a wonderful thing you've done in supporting us... look out for our notices on Facebook and please share... All the best The DG x

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