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The Gods of the Ozarks

By Yvonne Ussher


Set in 1800’s frontier America, this fast-moving and highly theatrical black comedy examines a small-town community as it gets wrapped up in a religious furore. Jonah Hahn is the only doctor for 300 miles around … but the religious ban on cutting up dead bodies holds back his medical understanding. When his darling wife Sally gets sick and people in town start dying, Jonah has to reconsider … but his secret escapades have unexpected consequences for the whole town, including his faith-questioning daughter, a struggling pastor, an unlikely sheriff, an heiress, a drunkard and a harlot.

Featuring ghosts, grave-digging and amateur con-artistry, this hilarious tale of faith and knowledge, of grief and solace, of promises and lies, examines the battle between science and religion (even after death ...)

With an inspiring cast of eight that encapsulates a whole town and big thought-provoking ideas.

We have an amazing production team and truly talented cast of 8 professional actors. We will not allow anyone on this team to be out of pocket for their investment in creating this show.
We also have to pay out for rehearsal spaces, public liability insurance, venue rental, marketing, costumes, set, lights and sound.

But yeah. Cast of 8! We must be insane!

Founded in 2002, AboutFACE are delighted to be back “home” at the Civic, where they produced five Irish premieres between 2003-2005, including acclaimed productions of Collected Stories, The Glory of Living and The Laramie Project. You can check out other previous productions in Ireland and New York through our website. Or use it to reach out to us for our monthly Great Plays Gang or even find out about our other upcoming projects.

We are doing a play about the gods. New gods. Which could make the old gods angry. A natural disaster could strike. We may all suffer a strange and not quite curable disease. But not even this will stop the momentum that is already building for this play.

We must be crazy to produce a play with a large cast and no funding. But thats where you come in. Every donation counts. Help turn our shoe string budget into a rope.

Thank you for taking the time to read about this awesome show. Maybe you did it because someone on our team told you to, maybe you did it because you thought - good god! I haven't seen a good godly play in quite some time. Whatever the reason - Thanks.