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The Golden Acorn- first edition mint.

By Elaine Garde Wulff


I have been working on currency creation for over 10 years. I find the subject fascinating and never tire of it. I have given many workshops on the topic and also submitted proposals for ‘your Country - Your Call’. Last year I succeeded in minting two separate coins, both valued as an apple and minted on biodegradable potato skin. The apple coins are more than just a concept; they are backed by a ‘real’ apple bank of fruit trees planted at the Cork project ‘Future Orchard Trust’.

Having the ‘mould’ made for a minting is expensive; after that initial cost is met, minting whatever quantity that is required will become easy for me. It is my intention to do all kinds of creative workshops and projects with the Acorn coin.

Minting the ‘Golden Acorn’, as part of my arts practice, with your Fund-it pledges, will give me the opportunity to bring the reflective exercise of considering true value, to a wider audience. ‘The Golden Acorn’ coin boasts no value ‘in and of’ itself; however it represents the quest of a changing paradigm of true worth.

It is my intention that the coin will form part of an ambitious project called ’Recapitalise Tir Na Nog’. This is an art project about sustainability and there is a plan for an exhibition in New York City where it will be showcased.

Sponsorship of even a few Euro is very welcome, however pledges € 25 and over will guarantee a gift. This will consist of two first edition coins and a certificate - acknowledging patronage and foresight - created and signed by myself.