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The Goo Season 2

By Stephen Jones


The Goo is a comedy webseries about two mates trying to deal with the ups and downs of modern life. Season 2 picks up a few months on from Season 1 as Jonesy + Dave face new problems.

Jonesy is now back with his ex-girlfriend and is staying away from 'The Goo', while Dave still heartbroken over his lost French love is desperate for Jonesy to get his Goo back!

The Goo season 2 will feature actors Stephen Jones (Love/Hate, Amber), Dave Fleming, Ste Murray and Peter Coonan ( Love/Hate) , who all return to their regular roles as well as a host of cameos from some of Ireland's top television/film and theatre actors.

For those of you who kindly contributed before we simply ask that if you enjoyed the show and want to see more that you help make our project happen again. For those of you who came across The Goo after it was made we would love your help this time around. Season 2 is bigger and better as there are more episodes so fans of The Goo will have more to watch once it is made.

We know it isn't easy to have to put your hand in your pocket and dish out the cash these days but every little helps and it is really appreciated.

We need to raise more money than we did last time about because episodes are longer as well as there being more than before. Also, we have more actors working with us this time around so it's a harder shoot for us. We want to maintain the standards we set with our first season in terms of editing and sound quality.

All of our actors are professionals and most will be familiar to audiences but The Goo is a labour of love for all involved and we do not get paid for it. All money raised is for production costs.

Thanks from Team Goo!