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The Good The Bad & The Sean Nos Dancer

By Dermott Petty


The Good The Bad & The Sean Nos Dancer is a short film I am creating which will be a Spaghetti Western with Sean Nos Dancing. ‘The Good The Bad & The Sean Nos Dancer’ short film will be the media proto-type of my MA in Creative Media at the Institute of Technology Tralee. It is in effect creating a new genre of film.

By combining two different genres/Art forms (Spaghetti Western/Sean Nos Dancing) we intend to create a new genre of film exclusive to Irish cinema. The film will create the eclectic feel of the wildness of a Spaghetti Western with incidence of Sean Nos Dancing. This will be to illustrate the vibrancy of how a folk culture survives in an ever-changing world by adopting, re-jigging (pardon pun), interpreting, and by making the outside culture work for the existing yet constantly altering folk culture. In plainer language I intend to create a freaky fresh film you’ll never forget.

Who are we?
I am an MA Student at the Institute of Technology Tralee. My previous projects are the web animation series ‘The Man From Q’, the short film ‘For Goth & Country’ which played at the Kerry Film Festival and the short documentary 'Waits In Love’ which played at the Moscow Short Film Festival. I was also privileged to write the script for the Limerick Youth Theatre’s film ‘I Have Sex Daily’ which was a finalist at the Fresh Film Festival.

The crew is made up of Richard Lacy (Camera Assistant Raw), Camera Assistant Tom Rowley, Sound Andy Flaherty, Sound PA Stephen Molly, Costumes Roisen Lennon, Make-Up by Aine White, Production Assistants Conor Bogue Christina Bennett & Jarlath Slattery, Editor Philip Shanahan, with the music being composed by Stephen Ryan of the band Windings. We will begin shooting the film in mid April .

The Stranger is being played by Gerard Butler (not the Scottish actor rather the champion Sean Nos Dancer), The Sheriff is being played by Colin Butler, the Cowgirl is played by Anne-Marie Nelligan, The Dance Commissioner is being played by Andy Gridrod, the Cobbler is played by Gerry Howard, the Bandito is being played by Keith Bogue the Hoddie is being played by Lorna Bogue.

What the money is needed for?
The funding is needed to fund the pre-production and production of the making of the film by covering the costs of the cast and crew in the making of 'The Good, The Bad & The Sean Nos Dancer'. The money raised will go towards renting equipment (lights, cameras, sound equipment), feeding the cast and crew, providing costumes for the actors, covering travel and communication expenses. I am very grateful for your support and help with this project.

Key Crew For Film
Director/Writer – Dermott Petty
Producer – Dermott Petty
D.O.P. – Richard Lacy
Camera Assistant – Tom Rowley
Sound Recordist – Andy Flaherty Stephen Molloy
Costumes – Roisen Lennon
Editing – Philip Sound
Composter/Sound Design – Stephen Ryan
Art Director – Christina Bennett
Production Assistant – Jarlath Slattery, Conor Bogue

All Contributions, small or big are greatly appreciated! Thanks again for all the support.




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