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The Hard Ground - Triptych

By The Hard Ground


Greetings to all of our friends, fans and followers and welcome to our Fund it page!

Before we explain what our Fund it Campaign is for, here’s a little bit about us …..

The Band:

The Hard Ground are a Cork based outfit, formed in 2011. The band consists of Marlene Enright (Vocals / Keys), Pat Carey (Vocals / Guitar), Hugh Dillon (Electric Guitar), Davie Duffy (Bass) and Davie Ryan (Drums).

In 2012, we recorded, produced and released our first album Broken Conversations. The album was critically very well received, making it into the Sunday Times Top Ten Irish Albums of 2012 and getting significant national airplay both home and abroad.

We have spent a lot of 2013 touring Ireland and the UK and meeting great people along the way; we hope to meet you all again as soon as we have our new material released!

Our project explained:

We are now set to record our sophmore offering, this time in three installments, entitled Triptych. Each installment of the album will be released as a digital only EP and will emerge over the course of a year. The final product, a collection of all three EP's, will be available as a digital and physical release.

The Triptych project has emerged as a response to the challenges and opportunities that the rapidly evolving music industry has presented to both musicians and listeners. The project is aimed at bridging the gap between the listener and the band and, likewise, between the band and the industry - it is a real time project that will be influenced by our experiences over the duration of the year.

We are looking for your help in order to successfully bring this project to life. We need €8,000 to put towards the cost of recording, mixing, mastering and manufacturing the album from start to finish - something that we know is very difficult to achieve without outside support.

We would like to ask you to contribute what you can in return for some quirky rewards that we hope you’ll enjoy, from personalised handmade cajons, to the “Be in The Band" reward, to the actual paintings which will be used as the artwork for the Triptych album sleeve.

Your help would be greatly appreciated and we fully know that we wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for all your continued support.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our Fund it and we hope that you can find a reward that interests you!

Marlene, Pat, Hugh, Davie and Davie

The Hard Ground


“Beautifully layered and contrasting vocals make Broken Conversations a truly tantalising listen, helping to cement The Hard Ground as one of the finest new bands to emerge out of Ireland in 2012.” - Journal of Music

Note: We would like to say a special thank you to Maurice Supple of Blue Shed Productions for providing the live footage for our video. www.blueshedproductions.com



July Update!

Good afternoon all! Just a little update to say we have just finished recording the second instalment of the Triptych series and will be working on mixing and mastering it over the next two weeks. We hope to release it in early September so we will keep you posted on the date and when your download of it will be available. If you have not been able to access your download of the last EP for any reason please let us know and we'll get a fresh link to you. Also, if you have not responded to Hugh's email requesting details for your rewards please do so when you can! We will try to get rewards issued over the coming two months. The album will not be available however until January 2015 and will include all three Triptych EP's as well as bonus material. We would like to thank you all again for your support, without your generosity we absolutely would not be able to record, mix, master and manufacture our new songs! We look forward to showing you the next instalment of songs in September. Thank you all, Marlene, Pat, Hugh, Dave & Davie

Triptych: 1 release

Hey all! Just dropping a line to say thanks so much for showing support with the first release so far! Triptych: 1 came out on the 16th of May and we launched it in Dublin and Cork last week, the UK the week before! We had some great gigs and we hope that everyone is enjoying the new material! We're hoping everyone who funded has been able to download the EP but just in case people are having any difficulty please drop us a line on info@thehardground.com and we will send you on the files! In the meantime, here's our latest video for Belles and Beaux, the first single we have released from the Triptych series. Please share it around! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DsR37kkFEc Maz, Pat, Davie, Hugh and Duff

Update on Progress!

Hey everyone! It's been a busy month and we're still pretty overwhelmed by the support that we got for this FundIt Campaign. We just received the full list of funders and rewards in the past week from the FundIt head office so we will be in touch over the coming days to let you know when your reward will be ready and the information you'll need to provide us with. Until then, thanks again for your support and we're looking forward to showing you our new material! Maz, Pat, Davie, Duff, Hugh

Nearly There!

One day to go and only €550 left to raise! Thanks everyone so much! We're pretty speechless!! Thanks to everyone who has shared our page and our videos around and to everyone who has donated so far! One final push so!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NUTs_kkuKM Marlene, Pat, Davie, Hugh and Dave

Almost Halfway There!

Not even 2 weeks in and we're almost halfway there! Thanks so much to everyone who has funded us to date, and to everyone who has shared our project across the world! We consider ourselves very lucky to have so many people who are so supportive of us and our project! If you haven't come across it yet, have a look at what we made especially for you guys... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Og-zi-55YSM Marlene, Pat, Davie, Hugh and Dave

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