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The Hellfire Squad

By The Devious Theatre Company


Amidst the smouldering ruins of the GPO, Michael Collins realises he must become the midwife to a terrible beauty.

Picture the scene - he needs to resurrect the cause, and he’s going to need some apostles to do it. So, he puts together a crack squad of the hardest 'schans' in all the land, embarking on a campaign of subterfuge, misinformation, political assisinations, espionage and general divilment. Thus, The Hellfire Squad is born.

This summer as part of our 10 year celebrations, we're bringing The Hellfire Squad to life, performing first at Project Arts Centre, Dublin (18-23 July), the on to Kilkenny's Watergate Theatre (28-30 July) as part of Alternative Kilkenny Arts (AKA).

The Hellfire Squad is an elegantly woven journey - a fiercely comical one but at times just as spellbinding, powerful, and frightening as the history and myth it has sprang from.

The Devious Theatre Company was formed in Kilkenny in 2006 by an ensemble of theatre makers. We make work that explores different genres and storytelling forms but is rooted in an Irish context and married to a style of comedy drama we have honed over the years.

We work in different modes of theatre having previously produced site specific work, musical theatre, radio drama and theatre for young audiences. We don’t like labels. Thus, our artistic credo is mostly ADHD based and fairly guerrilla. Previously, we've staged the Irish premieres of Cannibal! The Musical!! and Night Of The Living Dead along with our works like Scratcher, War Of Attrition, The Centre of the Universe, Some Flood to name a few.

20 shows on with performances at numerous festivals and venues around Ireland, we're back with a bang for our marquee production for 2016.

From the first ideas in 2012 and a work-in-progress showing in 2013, The Hellfire Squad is almost ready to hit the stage. Three years on, we're asking for your kind support to get the show over the line, on its legs, on the road and out in front of audiences. 

With a successful campaign reaching €3,000 we'll be committing the funding to set and lighting design and build, print and promotional efforts in Kilkenny and Dublin, props, costuming, technical costs and remounting between Dublin and Kilkenny. We're matching that same same sum ourselves with fundraising performances of our very first show, Heart Shaped Vinyl, in May this year.

The big challenge is always the audience. In a commemorative year - both for the country and for ourselves as we mark 10 years on the stage - we're working hard to put a different, fresh slant on 1916 storytelling and we're working with groups in Kilkenny and Dublin to promote that. 

From the bottom of our Devious hearts, our sincerest of thanks for funding The Hellfire Squad. Your support will make this production happen. Tell your friends and family and hopefully we'll see you at the show this July! God bless the work.



We're moving to Kilkenny, are you coming?

As the lads say themselves, 'God bless the work'. The Dublin run for The Hellfire Squad has come to an end, but the work doesn't stop there. We're decamping to Kilkenny to set up in the Watergate Theatre for a three night run to kick off this year's Alternative Kilkenny Arts (AKA Fringe) programme. Our run at Project Arts Centre sparked a mad scramble for tickets across the week, some great reviews, some lovely feedback from audiences and a serious amount of craic and divilment in the the past few days on stage. Our first run at the Watergate Theatre was back in 2007 with Cannibal! The Musical! and since then we've brought the likes of Trainspotting, Stags and Hens, Night of the Living Dead and most recently War Of Attrition. Performing in the Watergate always brings something special and this week will be no different. The cast and crew are in good ole form and raring to go on home turf for our Kilkenny shows to round out the run of The Hellfire Squad. In the past 1-2 weeks you'll have received emails from ourselves directly in relation to Fundit and claiming certain rewards. If you haven't replied yet and you're coming to the show in Kilkenny, we'd love to hear back from you. In some cases we've asked for addresses as well, they're an important one for posted goodies to go out this week. To those who came out to see the show in Dublin, our sincerest of thanks. At the end of the day, we make the shows for the audiences so having people to perform to is a delight. We've loved every second of it and we've got more to come. We'll be setting up in Kilkenny on Wednesday before the show opens on Thursday and continues through to Saturday at 8pm nightly. Tickets are also available online at watergatetheatre.com. Much love, DTC x

God Bless The Work: The Hellfire Squad previews tonight

With the words bestowed upon Father Desmond Furey, God bless the work. This is an update to let you know that The Hellfire Squad previews tonight in Dublin and another thanks to say that we wouldn't have gotten to this date, this far, without your support for the show through our recent Fundit.ie campaign. At time of writing, the final tweaks for The Hellfire Squad are being put in place before doors officially open in the Cube space at Project Arts Centre, Dublin this week. Next week, we up sticks and bring the show home to Kilkenny for a three night run at The Watergate Theatre from 28-30 July. It's been a long road to get to this point, not even just through the summer and rehearsals, but right back to Little Deviations: Volume 1 and beyond when the pieces of The Hellfire Squad puzzle began to form. You've helped us to complete the journey and we're hugely grateful and appreciative. In case you missed it, you'll all have had emails from Ken at this stage about the show and reward details for those claiming rewards for funding the show. Depending on the mail you receive, you may find a link in it to a form asking for some additional details on yourself to process your rewards - if anyone has any questions or concerns or changes you can email ken@devioustheatre.com at any time. We've got seven performances to do in Dublin, another three in Kilkenny for AKA Fringe and we're really lighting a fire under our 10th birthday celebrations. So, for getting us through this part of The Hellfire Squad, and the last decade of making theatre with a twist, our sincerest of thanks and we'll talk to you during the week! Much love, DTC x

Over the line...

What a wild ride the past 24 hours or so have been. With the clock set to tick down on The Hellfire Squad's campaign in just a matter of hours, we're lost for words with the support for the show in recent weeks. With that in mind, thank YOU (yes, YOU), for your support, your spreading of the word, your donations, your time, your chats. What happens next is the fun part. Rehearsals for the show are slated to commence in Dublin this coming Monday so by this weekend we hope to have touched based with everyone who has contributed to the project so far and start rolling out updates. We've got a photo shoot for our promotional artwork and shots booked for this day next week (Wednesday) and we'll start bringing you a look at what's going on behind the scenes from the rehearsal room and the design stage of the show. The technicalities of lighting, sound design and our costume and set design are all underway from this week and we've got 8 cast and a buzzing crew that are only too excited and raring to go on The Hellfire Squad. It's a show that's been a number of years in the making and you've made it happen. For that we'll be forever thankful. Take a look at the cast announcement from this week here: http://bit.ly/hellfirecastfb We'll be back to update you all shortly! Much love, DTC x

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