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The Juggler

By StripBack Theatre


Who are we?

StripBack Theatre was founded by long standing theatrical professionals Hugh Kirwan and Bernard Field whose ethos is to produce the very best of their craft in uncompromising, raw, inspirational shows that both entertain and challenge. StripBack evolved out of successful HawTheatre, whose gutsy productions of Bernard’s plays Zeitgeist, Last Train from Holyhead and The Early Hours played to audience acclaim and excellent reviews (see links below and visit www.stripbacktheatre.com).

“a story you will remember." Irish Theatre Magazine
"Field courageously interrogates highly sensitive issues." Irish Theatre Magazine
"Terrific, tense and spellbinding from begining to end" Audience Feedback

The Production: (Town Hall Theatre, Galway Nov 26th to Dec 1st)

The Juggler, a new play by co-founder Bernard Field explores the complexities of the human condition through a tale of ignorance, betrayal and voyeuristic depravity. The central character, Anne, a woman of extraordinary freedom and power, opens a door that most would not like to enter. This is a no holds barred, outlandish, shocking, terrifyingly tragic show interlaced with twisted comic relief. The show will demonstrate StripBack's intentions in unambiguous fashion, for The Juggler will grab its audience by the jugular and not let go.

The story:

An elderly man is kidnapped on the street by a woman with only one thing on her mind; suicide. Holding the man hostage in his own flat and enslaving him to her granite will she enacts her meticulously formulated plan to end her life swinging from the end of a rope. Bidding adieu one by one to all life's expressions she weaves her crazy, chaotic dance of death. Ensconsced in this apparently private world she allows in a mysterious and sinister voyeur to assist in the filming for posterity of her leave taking. But all is not as it appears even in this hyper controlled environment and The Juggler discovers that keeping the balls in motion in perfect balance is still not enough.

Why we need your help?

Support for StripBack Theatre is support for the ongoing life of quality live performance. We Irish have a long and tested tradition in the art form of theatrical excellence.Please help StripBack keep that tradition alive.

As an unfunded new theatrical company we must call on the generosity of all who wish to be a part of this exciting time in our development. Live theatre cannot exist without the financial support of its patrons or without that essential support element, the audience, which we believe plays an essential role in the theatrical experience.

With your generous support we strive to repay with the excellence of our theatrical craft and sincerely thank you all.

Hugh and Bernard




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