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The Last Burning National Tour

By ThereisBear!


About Thereisbear!

Though we’ve been working together in and around Galway for years, it was last year that we came together as Thereisbear! Theatre. Our mission is simple: we want to create powerful, vibrant and exciting theatre and bring it to audiences around the country. Our members have been making theatre in Galway and nationally for years and have assembled a fantastic team to create The Last Burning.

The Project

Patrick Galvin’s The Last Burning premiered in 1974 and has been infrequently performed since. Michael, a young man from Clonmel, begins to fear his wife, Bridget, is a witch. He turns to Mr. Blaney, a mysterious witch-doctor, who entertains Michael’s suspicions. However, though Bridget appears to demonstrate her innocence, her strange behaviour leave many unconvinced. Paranoia, lust and doubt fan the flames and soon her entire community begins to turn. And somewhere in the mob stand four ghostly women...

Based on true events, The Last Burning is a play about fear, suspicion and witchcraft. Prepare to be chilled and challenged as never before!

We staged The Last Burning with NUI Galway’s Drama Society in 2010 to critical acclaim and the production represented NUIG at the 2011 national ISDA Festival. This time around, we are going bigger, bolder and better and bringing the show to venues all around the country.
We kick off in Galway City on the 5th and 6th of August before bringing the play to Ballinasloe, Inisboffin, Laois, Limerick, Kerry, Cork and finishing in Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, on the 17th and 18th. We’re touring to venues big and small to reach audiences across the country.

Why We Need Your Help

Patrick Galvin is one of Ireland’s great forgotten playwrights who, sadly, passed away last year. This summer, ThereisBear! Theatre want to give one of his most formidable and culturally significant plays new life and allow it to reconnect with the nation that informed its writing. We are, however, a small new company and in order to raise the funds to tour we need your help.

We have been fundraising since March and are covering advertising through sponsorship. This means posters, flyers and advertising space in local papers. But we need your help for the tour itself. We joined fundit to raise money for venue hire, to transport a cast and crew of fourteen and for other production costs. Every and any contribution, no matter the size, will make a massive difference to us and to the project.

Please help us bring The Last Burning to the public eye in the spectacular way it deserves.

Thank you.