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The last day diary

By Brian Duggan


'The last day Diary', is a new HD Film based on the last written testimony of Nate Champion who was attacked and shot during the Johnson county war 1892. 

The first part of the film and the voiceover is already recorded in Dublin with actor John Hurt. The second part is going to be filmed in the United States in Wyoming and New Jersey. I need funds to rent equipment in the US, travel to the film locations in Kaycee Wyoming, and record a soundtrack in New Jersey with composer David Mansfield.

While some funding has been secured from the Arts council for this film, this is not enough to cover the full project and its potential. I have been invited to New York this summer 2013 for the ISCP International Studio Residency programme, and plan on filming when based in New York and then finishing the project in Ireland.
See by website for more details

The actor John Hurt is the only actor in the film, and would be well known from recently: Beckett's 'Krap's last tape', 'V for Vendetta' and classics 'Midnight Express', 'Elephant man', 'Aliens', '1984', and 'Heaven's Gate' (1980 Michael Cimino). The musician and composer David Mansfield is well known for his solo work and also working with the Alpha band and Bob Dylan in the 70s. He composed and played the original score for the film 'Heaven's Gate'.

Nate Champion was an early settler in Wyoming, and was attacked in the KC ranch at the start of the Jonson county war. During his last day he wrote a diary journal, outlining the attack and how the cabin he was in was being burnt down and shot at from all sides. He did not survive the attack but his hand written account did.

Fund it What for.
I need funds to rent HD broadcast film equipment in the US, travel to the film locations in Kaycee Wyoming, and record a soundtrack in New Jersey with composer David Mansfield. All monies raised will go towards this project, and if we get over the target it will be used for renting better sound recording equipment and in the post production of the film. I am currently investing over 3,000 of my own money into the project, and expect to put in more.

Locations in Wyoming to film.
Kaycee is an important site of the Johnson County War, one of the most significant events in Old West history. West of Kaycee is the infamous "Hole-in-the-Wall" Country and outlaw cave where the legendary outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and the rest of the Hole-in-the-Wall gang hid out.

Equipment needed for filming in the US.
Sony PMW-EX1 HD camera, tripods, Dollys, tracks.
Sound recording equipment and microphones.

The film will be edited and produced in Ireland. It is planned to launched in a gallery venue in Dublin, as this is currently under discussion the exact dates and location to be confirmed. However, LimerickCityGallery, VisualCarlow and CCIParis are all interested in exhibiting this work.

Many thanks for your backing on this, we would not fulfill the project's potential without your support.
thank you