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The Last Fare

By Thomas Hefferon Siobhan Perry


The Last Fare is being made by a young and talented team. We are passionate and determined to make this film to the highest standard possible.

I am Siobhan Perry and I will be directing. I have made two award winning short documentaries. One of which was funded last year through Fundit for my graduate film called Off the Board. It has been such a fun few months seeing the films be accepted and recognized by established Irish and International festivals. Some of my highlights have been winning Best Short Documentary at the Clones Film Festival 2012, getting a special mention at the Galway Film Fleadh 2012 and Corona Cork Film Festival 2012.

Now that I have graduated I have my eye set on making The Last Fare as successful as my previous work. I am determined to create a visually arresting and compelling story. Aenne experienced the dregs of society in her car. She will eloquently narrate her experience through a disembodied voice, and interviews. I want to emphasize how the harrowing experience of events can play with our memory and shape the retelling of the story in the public space of a documentary.

I feel compelled to tell this story now, as Aenne’s story has become a way for me to interrogate what it means to be female in contemporary Irish society. Told in a similar style to Erroll Morris’s The Thin Blue Line and Bart Layton’s The Imposter, The Last Fare will paint Dublin’s streets at night in the raw and desolate manner as Aenne witnessed them.

Thomas Heffernon the producer will be making sure The Last Fare is made and delivered to the highest standard. His previous success as a director of films such as The Pool and The Heist have led him to be a resourceful and committed producer.

Sorcha Mackenna will be the director of photography. Myself and Sorcha have worked together on our two graduate documentaries. Sorcha while being an all round camera whizz is also a working wedding and corporate photographer. I really love collaborating with Sorcha. We have a lot of fun and enjoy of creating beautiful and memorable images. We have been hard at work doing test shoots, storyboards and coming up with some ingenious solutions to filming in a car.

We really need your help funding this project. The funds we raise will go towards covering both production and post-production costs.

Production: we have a distinct visual style and will need some specialized equipment in order to achieve this. We’ll need car mounts, magic arms and lighting equipment to be used both inside and outside the car.

Post Production: we’ll need to rent facilities for editing and post sound. As well as this we plan to use some of the funds to enter the finished film into major national and international film festivals.

Whatever you can give we would be very grateful to receive.

Join us and become a part of our project.


Siobhan &The; Last Fast Team.