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The Laurel Rooms @ Florence & Milly

By Florence & Milly


My name is Laura Barry and I am a mixed media artist and art therapy facilitator. In 2015, I set up Florence & Milly, my art studio in Clane, Co. Kildare. Florence & Milly is a community based pottery painting, art studio and coffee bar. 

We are asking you to join in an adventure called The Laurel Rooms @ Florence & Milly, where we will create an open access art wellness suite for you to experience wholehearted wellness of mind, body and soul through art therapy, yoga, pilates, massage and pottery. Working as an artist, potter and art therapy facilitator, I have the privilege of teaching different age groups with differing abilities in Kildare and surrounding areas. Art is particularly effective for mental health wellness and it has been my experience that we learn to grow in personal autonomy through the medium of Art.

In order to accommodate for the increased demand for art wellness, we are expanding the business by leasing the 1st floor of the same premises. This unit is to be refitted and will be divided into two spacious, soundproof rooms, a large open space with seating area, a small kitchenette and a partition with two sinks for hand and palette washing.

We are crowdfunding so that we can refit and equip the wellness suites to the best of our abilities. We need to insulate the space, refit and soundproof two therapy rooms, equip with tables, chairs and materials, plumb sinks and heating, install smoke detectors and electrics. We need a pugmill to reprocess clay, kiln to fire pottery, electric wheels and slabroller for therapy, classes and workshops. All the money raised will go towards this project.

Our project spend:

  • Pugmill (1,900)
  • Electric Kiln Toploader nabertherm 140L 3 phase with Kiln Furniture (3,976) 
  • Sink Traps x 4 (1,624)
  • Slab Roller (900)
  • Build, Plumbing & Fitout (4,600)
    Total €13,000

I have over 20 years’ experience dealing with the public. Having trained at Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design, Public Relations Institute of Ireland and a Bachelor Science degree in Trinity College Dublin, along with my qualifications in web design, I am a skilled communicator with a creative edge. I work with our resident potter, Holly Parrow, a highly skilled, ex-commercial potter from the USA. Also, in the team are two undergraduates of NCAD, Watercolour Artist BridOg Norrby, several therapists, fitness instructors and wellness coaches who wish to collaborate on this project.

We would be unbelievably grateful for your help in this project. The Laurel Rooms will provide a space for all ages to come and access art in many mediums under one roof at Florence & Milly. It will allow families and friends to meet.

For more information and images on the rewards please visit http://www.florenceandmilly.com/ Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please like, share with your friends and family and visit us to see the project at Florence & Milly, Clane, Co. Kildare.



The Laurel Rooms @ Florence & Milly - Your Reward

Dear Wonderful Funders,

Without your generous support the project would not be possible, so from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!!

We are starting work this coming week and hope to be finished by the end of May! I will be doing daily social media updates on the work in progress so please follow us and help with words of encouragement during this adventure.

Launch night invitations will be sent out once the project is complete and we will contact you in advance with the dates so you can make plans. Everyone that has funded will be sent an invitation.

Please check your email(and your spam folder), for details of your chosen reward sent from laura@florenceandmilly.com. I hope to have all rewards fullfilled by the end of May! 

I truly believe this project will help so many people, both children and adults, to access art and therapy that perhaps was not possible before.

Thank you for believing in me and for your support in bringing The Laurel Rooms to fruition.

Laura xx

15 Hours to go!!

Hello Funders! We are 72% funded and 15 hours to go. I still believe we can do this if we all take social media by storm this evening and first thing in the morning! If we all share the posts and #thelaurelrooms accross all social media platforms there is more of a chance others will see it on your feed and take notice. 

Perhaps some friends or family may not be on social media but might be interested in funding the project so please reach out to them and send them the link to the Fundit.ie page. 

When funding: If you prefer a voucher to use in the studio, just click donate with no reward and send me a quick email on laura@florenceandmilly.com stating the amount and i will forward the voucher as soon as the project is successful. If you decide you would like a second reward you must put in the total amount for both rewards and i will contact you when the project is successful to see what you have chosen. 

Heres to the next 15 hours of nailbiting fun! 

Thanks for all the support and remember everyone who funds the project will be invited to the launch party and has a chance to win a school tour for the Whole class!! 

Cross everything!! 

Laura xx

6 Days to go, totally Nail biting lads!!

Hi guys, 

Thank you soo much for all the wonderful funds & donations! As a token of our appreciation, anyone that funds/donates will be entered into a draw to win a school tour for a whole class! 

We still have approx €6,000 still to raise in 6 days so please keep sharing the posts and link to the fundit. We can totally do this if 130 people funded €45 to the project we would reach our target!!  

Remember cards arent charged unless we reach our target and you can only fund once with each card so if you want two or more rewards put in the max amount for all and i will contact everyone after the project has successfully completed. 

If anyone has any contacts in media or any celebrity friends please ask them to support us. I am happy to chat about the project and go into details. 

Thank you all so much! Keep Funding!

Laura xx

21 Days to Go! Yikes!

21 days to go, €990 raised and another 12010 euro to go...it seemed like a big hill to climb when we started this Fundit project 7 days ago but, as the days tick by, we're getting a bit closer and more hopeful. I just wanted to say a sincere 'Thank you' to everybody who has pledged support already. We are looking forward to a very busy May with classes, workshops, upcycle and pottery.

Our building is starting and we are planning where everything will go, however with Fundit it's an all or nothing situation, we receive the funding only if we make the total within the deadline. Of course that hasn't stopped me from worrying needlessly about all sorts of things!!

So far we have done loads of Instagramming and FB ing, a family imprints competition with Coffeytime Insta Mummy and many e mails to newspapers, radio and journalists asking them to spread the word! Look out for our Story in the Liffey Champion, Leinster Leader, Kildare Now and Kildare Nationalist. The Team here are busy telling all our customers in studio and friends & family.

I've had fantastic support from friends, family and well wishers. We will be adding all you amazing pledgers to a draw for a loads of goodies to say 'Thank you' and to encourage everyone to keep spreading the word...so keep in touch with our FB posts for more details... With sincere thanks, your support means so much to us here at Florence & Milly xxxx

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