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By Helen Horgan


The LFTT Library is a four hundred year old library which was rescued from near abandonment by myself Helen Horgan and Danyel Ferrari. It was once the private library of a group of Franciscan Monks. Since 2009 the Library has been brought back to life and kept in the public domain as a mobile archive, providing a unique context and body of material for initiating artistic projects. Books in the library range in subject matter from theology to mysticism, poetry, literature, science, art and politics, and represent a striking snapshot of Irish history which was about to be lost.

To ensure the collections durability and versatility as a mobile archive I would like to commission Tasmanian theatre-designer Cliff Doliver to build a bespoke modular system for housing the books, so that the dual functions of storage and display can be made interchangeable. This will expand on the libraries ethos of mobility and access, enabling its greater adaptability to future environments, while making aspects of the collection obtainable to a wider audience.

The LFTT Library does not receive any ongoing funding. The build of this new support structure will fundamentally affect the projects greater efficiency, enabling the future care of the collection while broadening its reach to a wider public network. This is an important moment in the project as the Library embarks on a collaborative residency with The Guesthouse in Cork. If you decide to fund it you will be supporting a unique part of our shared cultural heritage.

About Cliff Doliver
Cliff Doliver and his company ‘Dowtcha’ have worked with many visual arts groups including the Crawford Gallery and C.I.T. He was previously responsible for building a similar mobile archival system for Megs Morleys ‘Artist Led Archive’ project which is now housed in the National Irish Visual Arts Library at NCAD. For detailed information of what he proposes for The LFTT have a watch of our Fund it video. Also check out Cliff’s website www.dowtcha.com

About the LFTT
The LFTT (*Legs Foundation for the Translation of Things) Library has been travelling to various locations around the country since 2010. Most recently at The Highlanes Gallery in 2013, myself and the director Aoife Ruane co-curated the first LFTT Library show ‘Things in Translation: The Legs Foundation.’** Eight artists were commissioned to make new work in response to items from the collection, including previous Venice Biennale representative Susan MacWilliams’ first neon work ‘Where are the Dead’; Jessica Foleys’ live radio play ‘Elsies Counter,’ and Vivienne Byrnes multi-visual work ‘Merging Point'. A full programme of performances and events ran for the summer. For further details on previous projects and to view some of the books visit www.thelfttlibrary.com and facebook.

*An idea with reach is said to have “legs” and the word translation was historically used as a term to describe the movement of objects, particularly sacred ones, from place to place.
**Thanks to financial support from Louth County Council, Highlanes Gallery and The DAF.




Now in its last week, with 62 funders we have reached a staggering €2,185 which shows how much folk really care about this. Understandably we're all kinda broke...so for this to succeed it will have to be a HUGE! group effort. Please, PLEASE, PLEEEEEZE! if you haven't funded yet, consider doing so now. HERE ARE THE REWARDS FOR SPONSORING; €10 contributors receive an invite to our dedicated FUNDIT SPONSORS LAUNCH PARTY! in THE GUESTHOUSE on May 17th; with performances by INMA PAVON, CAROLYN COLLIER, JAMES MCCANN AND MAIRE O'MAHONY. Also on the night FREE FOOD FOR SPONSORS from the kitchen of renowned Sunday Lunch @ The Guesthouse fame. Also included in the donation is recognition of your generosity on the LFTT archive of sponsors, adding to the warm fuzzy glows all round... €20 contributions include all of the above plus A TEXT OF YOUR CHOICE READ TO YOU DOWN THE PHONE by a 'qualified arts professional' (seriously). TINO SEHGAL EAT YOUR HEART OUT!! This is the ultimate undocumentable experience! We would offer readings also in the foreign accent of your choice but this could get messy and potentially illegible, the librarian is always open to all suggestions. €50 contributions include all the above plus A PERSONAL INK STAMP IMPRINTED ON A VOLUME OF YOUR CHOICE. This needn't be your own name, you might like to BE REMEMBERED AS SOMEBODY ELSE! All fictions are welcome. Just think what fun you could have messing with the heads of readers two hundred years from now WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN EXIST ANYMORE!! All rewards come with a massive serving of gratitude from myself - who couldn't do any of this without your help. Wait till you see the photos of what you're money builds!!


Fundit is getting behind this project so here's hoping its a success. Thanks to all those generius folk who have funded so far and thanks to all the online support and sharing, 'liking' on Facebook etc. With 20 days to go though and only 22 funders we have a long way to go yet. PLEASE dont put it on the long finger. If you have an interest in this project PLEASE SPONSOR TODAY and HELP SEE IT HAPPEN! REWARDS MAKE FUNDERS A PART OF ITS PERFORMATIVE HISTORY! This Fundit is to build a lasting storage-come-display system for a 400 year old library myself and American artist Danyel Ferrari saved from destruction in 2009 and turned into a moving artwork and performance space. The build of a new support structure will care for the collection going forward, enable its reach to a wider audience and further creative installation and reconfiguration possibilities in its adapting to new spaces. Funding this project is also funding the projects future.

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