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The LirChild Surf Buckle.

By Nick Ryan ( LirChild )


I am proud to announce the creation of the LirChild Surf buckle. If batman went surfing he would swap the bat belt for the surf buckle. I created the surf Buckle to solve the problem of my forgetful nature; I never knew I would end up with a belt buckle that was more like a Swiss army knife. With its wax comb, fin key, belt buckle, and not forgetting the bottle opener - the surf buckle is the ultimate gadget / fashion accessory.

In my final year of studies in UL I established UL Boarders, the aim of which was to promote board sports to students and faculty of the University of Limerick. During one surf trip with friends the idea came to me of the surf buckle, the idea stuck and grew - two weeks later the concept of LirChild was born. After graduating from university I had the decision of my life to make: either get a job to do a 9-5 or take the largest risk of my life and try to chase a dream to establish a clothing brand during an economic downturn on a scale the world has never seen before.

I took the risk, and the mission was to be remarkable. I wanted to create a brand that gave more than people expected. I was a one man show - designer, salesman, and marketer all in one, all under the LirChild brand; I was LirChild. With the support of my friends and colleagues form other university clubs I was able to get the ball rolling and make a start on my vision. So from the start the brand has been supported by a community, not a bank or investors, and I want to keep to the brand independent allowing me achieve that vision of what LirChild is and what it will become.

Being a young independent sportswear company and lacking the needed funds, I have teamed up with fundit.ie to help raise needed funds to take my project from prototype stage to finished product.

I love the idea of working with fundit.ie. It allows me to show my concept to the world and the people who share my passion for surfing can then help fund the project, allowing me to turn the concept to a finished product; it's a dream where customers are not just consumers but project partners. Our funders are people who believe in our product and not profits.

Your backing will help the project by covering the cost of hiring experts in injection moulding/manufacturing. It will also go towards the tooling of the injection moulds and the final prototype testing of the product. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for helping me to create this remarkable product.

Shipping costs to Ireland are included in the reward prices. If you?re outside Ireland, the shipping costs will vary depending on your location and which reward you choose. If you contact me at lirchild@gmail.com I will be able to calculate them for you.