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The Lost Gecko Debut Album

By The Lost Gecko


Hold your breath for a few seconds and close your eyes...that’s us.
The Lost Gecko are Malcolm Urquhart (Singer/Songwriter and Guitar), Joaquim Perdigao (Percussion), and Ilse de Ziah (Cello). We have been playing live in Cork and around Ireland for the last 6 years, performing a mix of covers and original music. We’ve recorded five EPs and tracks have been heard on 96FM and LifeFM and even on Dutch TV. Malcolm also penned a charity single sung and recorded by an 80 person choir which was launched to a few hundred people in the English Market and raised money for Cork Penny Dinners.

We love playing live, that is where we do it best. Reviews of our live shows focus on Malcolm’s clever, touching and sometimes painful lyrics and powerful melodies blended with expressive and gritting vocals. “Taking to the mic stand, still in warm-up for the gig mode he made such a beautiful vocal sound that I was genuinely surprised. His initial lilting Scottish brogue seemed to morph into something even more magnificent” (Review from The Shruggs).

We have recorded an album titled ‘Unphotographable’ with John Burke and Bobby Lee at Clay Castle Studio in Youghal, Co. Cork but we need some help finishing it. There are ten original songs on the album. We still need to mix them and master them, which costs €1,600 (€1,000 to mix and €600 to master). We also need to design artwork for the album cover and print the cover and the CDs which will cost €900. 500e will cover the costs of the commission on fundit.ie, t-shirt printing and postage and packaging for the rewards. So we’re looking for a total of €3000 to help us finish the album. With everyone’s help we will have the album released by June 2014. When the album is finished, we will be launching it in The Bowery in Cork City.

Check us out on Facebook. For a sample of the tracks from the album, listen to our Soundcloud page. You can also watch some of our videos on our YouTube page, including a performance on BalconyTV.

We would love everyone who has supported us over the years to be part of our first full album and all our new fans too!



Hi Folks

Thanks for the patience. We did some more mixing last week. Have to re-record one song then we'll almost be done :) If ye have any questions about it feel free to message me

Album cover

Hi Folks. Album cover is done. Ill be posting it on facebook shortly. If you're not on our page simply go to 'The Lost Gecko' and u will find it or Malcolm Urquhart. Its pretty cool like.

Album cover and inlay photos

Hi Folks. So we are at the stage of getting the album printed although the songs wont be done til mid october. Just wanted to have it ready so when they are we can release it straight away. cheers for the patience. The songs sound wicked., if i do say so.just so ye all know :)

The end is near

Hi folks. So the album will be finished in October, phew. look forward to letting everyone who contributed have their copy. regards malcolm

Fundit update

A very good day at Claycastle ClayCastle Recording Studio yesterday with Leo Mullane and John Burke. Honeycomb especially sounding prettty awrite cheers to Leo. Heres 'Sacred'. I wrote it about kids dying in Syria. Its happening everywhere now. https://soundcloud.com/malcolmsean/sacred-album-sample


Back to studio today and tamara. Will post our progress later on :) Cheers all

P.S. Reason for single release.

Album won't be finished before we head off for Uk gigs. Apologies, thats why we are releasing single.

Album update

Hi folks..just a message to say the album is coming together so far. Almost 3 tracks mixed. We are pretty happy with them. We are thinking we will release a single before we go to the UK on July 18th. I'll send the single to all the funders before we release it properly though.' I can hear echoes' is the track we were thinking. If thats Ok with everyone. Do let me know if ye have any objections. Cheers. Malc.

Back to studio

Hi Folks. Back to the studio tonite for more mixing. The album will be done around 18th July for ye all. Then we are off to Cornwall/Devon for a few gigs. Ill keep updating as we go and let ye know where we are. Cheers for your patience :) Malc.

Other Album related stuff

Great morning on UCC Campus Radio with Brendan and Ger O'Sullivan. Cool interview and super tunes. Also played a couple from new Album 'Sacred' and 'Unphotographable'. Stepped into penny dinners after. Busy as ever..

Album update

One song mixed...9 to Gecko :) . John Burke/Bobby Lee magicians next to the sea

The Lost Gecko Debut Album

Hi Folks. Just an update. Fundit forms returned. Just waiting on the funds and then we book the studio and then we finish the album and then ye can have it and then....well...start again!

The Lost Gecko Album Funded!!

Thanks to all ye lovely people, The Lost Gecko Album will be happening :) Chuffed.com

Thank you everyone

Thanks to everyone who as added to our campaign. Its means a lot and that our music means something to all you people too. Love malc and The lost Gecko

Cork Opera House Fundit gig

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qldk8iI00jE Heres a wee vid of the night we raised money for our campaign :)

Blue Angel Gig

So folks, this friday 25th April..we will be having a gig and raffle and all sorts to help our campaign along. Everyone invited especially those who have already funded our Album :) malc The gig is in the Blue Angel above the Opera house

Recent Events

Word is spreading about our campaign folks especially at our recent gigs and the support so far has been brilliant. 23 days to go!!

The Lost gecko's Progress

Day 9 of our fundit.ie campaign folks. We are at 500 euro now with 17 funders. pretty good like :). That 500 will cover the cost of mixing 5 of the tracks so far. John Burke from Claycastle Studios, youghal has mixed some samples of the album which ill post in next few days. Thanks for all the continued support. Mr.Gecko is on his way North just now and stopped off in Grafton street for some insects and tunes. Please do keep sharing all the links… I hope it will all be worth it!

Day Three

Had an amazing gig last night in the Woodford Bar. We were playing with some new folks – Leo and Cormac – who really added a new dimension to the songs. Leo is an absolute genius on the guitar and Cormac on the piano brought a whole new level to the music. We spent the whole night jamming and got a great response from the crowd. Photographer Aideen Cooney took a load of pics of the night (see the one below) and gave us a great plug for the FundIt campaign on her Facebook page – it was only brilliant. We’ve gotten some other amazing endorsements for the campaign as well – especially from Cork Penny Dinners. Thanks so much for the support in spreading the word. We’re up to 12 donors and almost €500 so far…39 days to go! In the meantime, have a look at our FundIt page and please tell all your friends to have a look as well. We need all the help we can get! Thanks, Malcolm

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