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The Musical Island

By Paul Berg


Imagine being in the centre of a musical instrument.
Imagine being a part of this unique musical instrument and experience how sound is produced by playing an active part in sound creation.
‘The Musical Island’ or ‘An Crannóg Ceoil’ is a project by artist Paul Berg and a small team of volunteers. On board we have musicians, a plumber and a technician. Together we work out the plans, the sounds and the workings of the installation.
Since we have designed and built the main island over the past months, we are about to embark on phase two: building and constructing the instruments which make this island a musical installation.

Please feel free to follow this link to view our 7 minute video that explains the project in detail:


We are building this installation to serve as an interactive sculpture for everybody to experience. Come on board and create sounds while standing in the centre of a giant musical instrument

The Musical Island will have a semi-permanent mooring in Mountshannon Harbour in County Clare.

Crowd-funding will help us to construct an organ-like addition to this raft as well as mosaic, artwork, waterplants and trees and a short, wheelchair accessible, bridge.

Funds raised for the Musical Island will mainly be used for materials, workshop and studio rental (including electricity and heating).
Funds are also needed for promotion and transport.

Paul Berg has been involved in Visual art projects for decades.
At the moment we have an engineer, some musicians and a technician on board who happily give their spare time to make this project a musical experience for anybody to enjoy.

Since the preliminary work of the island is already completed and all the technical specs have been sorted, I can see no risks or challenges to come our way. We are ready to start constructing the instruments and sculptures.

We have been partly funded by the Clare Arts Office, Waterways Ireland and the Mountshannon Arts Festival.
However, the main part of this installation we are about to start constructing takes time and money to bring the project to completion before the summer of 2018.

We'll be delighted to invite you on board.



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