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The New Social EP Launch

By The New Social


Hi guys!
We are a group of lads who got together and started making music, and feel we have got to the stage where we are ready to release our material out into the wild (public)!

We go by the name of 'THE NEW SOCIAL'
The band consists of:
Niall P Fahey: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Darren Moran: Lead Guitar
Michael McDermott: Bass
Cathal Ward: Drums/Backing Vocals/Guitar.

What we are trying to do is release our debut EP...
Only problem is...it is extremely costly!
We are an independent/self funding band and have no backing of any sort, all we have is the little bit of cash we scrape together from gigs we play.

We are hoping that with your help, we will be able to make our dreams come true by raising enough money to cover the costs involved in making it possible!

We will be ever so grateful for your support, and will provide rewards to those of you go the extra mile!

We plan to release it on the 17th November, with two launch nights to promote it;
One in Dublin on the 19th Nov (venue TBC), the other on the 21st Nov in our hometown of Castlebar, in a venue called Garbo's!

Lets make this happen!
TNS Lads



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