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The Nualas - Edinburgh or Bust!

By Maria Tecce


Dear Friends,

After a decade away, we are stepping back into the fray and heading to Edinburgh Fringe Festival this coming August with our new show 'Hello Again, We're The Nualas!'.

Now, you may ask why The Nualas are looking for financial help, when on the surface we appear a high-flying, commercially successful comedy-music act (of course, we aspire to this!). Well we've had a few set-backs over the last few years that have set us back financially and put us in the position where we need your help. Anne Gildea, one of the founding members of The Nualas, went through cancer treatment, a mastectomy, and a breast reconstruction that put us off the road for the better part of a year. We also lost our producer for Edinburgh last month and now find ourselves shouldering all the costs of the festival. Despite these two factors working against us, we are still committed to going. But we can't do it on our own, which is why we're asking for your support today.

This project has been written especially for Edinburgh. It not only showcases the world-class comedy, music, and performance that The Nualas have worked so hard to be known for, but features all new material, self-penned, self-arranged songs and multimedia visuals, all driven by a new, even madder Nuala-world view. We are passionate about bringing our work to as wide an audience as possible and performing at a highly visible festival like Edinburgh Fringe is one of the best platforms there is to broaden our audience base.

But there's no getting around that it’s expensive. Our total production costs will be approximately €20,000, a portion of which we’ve been able to offset against potential box office revenue. With this Fund it campaign we hope to raise enough money to cover the upfront costs of our travel and accommodation. All ticket rewards offered are good for any Irish/UK tour dates, including our Irish Fall Tour 2014!

The Nualas’ trade mark original melodies, lyrics, scintillating harmonies, and provocative chat about current stuff have previously wowed audiences across the globe. Help get us back on the road and wowing internationally once more! Any donation, however small, will be deeply appreciated. 


Nuala, Nuala, and Nuala xxx


 “Genius” The Scotsman 

“The Nualas have put comedy and music in the blender and come up with a world class act”  Sunday Times

 “Dammit! The Nualas can sing and make your face ache from laughing” Time Out “The Nualas are the new rock’n’roll” The Independent, London 

“The Irish trio inspire instant adoration” The Herald, Scotland 

“Dripping kooky, faux glamour, they will win you over with their nutty lyrics, zany tunes and endearingly silly dresses. They had a capacity crowd eating out of their hands.” Evening Standard, London

"The audience bayed, clamoured and stamped for more. I haven't seen the like at a Fringe show before!" Edinburgh Evening News

“Feckin’ fab” The Guardian 

"Wackily original." The New York Times