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The Party

By FizzyThinking


The political party that ruled in George Orwell’s powerful novel, 1984, is back. But this time there's no torture, only a great night's entertainment with some Orwellian twists. Come and meet the candidate for today's social media society.

For one night only, the four-star Morrison Hotel in the centre of Dublin, will be the venue for the launch of The Party.

In order to create an experiential event that crosses media and genres, we need your help to make this show happen.

Aoife Courtney and Deirdre Lennon (Ready Fire Aim) are teaming up with Sabina Bonnici (FizzyThinking) to create an ambitious event for the Tiger Dublin Fringe, and are bringing a large team of performers, designers and creators together to create an immersive world for an audience of 200. The Party is a development from Ready Fire Aim’s shows in nightclubs, Art Party at The Workmans Club, and FizzyThinking's cross platform storytelling.

Our team is growing, and so far includes Aoife Courtney & Deirdre Lennon (Co-Directors), Sabina Bonnici (Creative Producer) and performers Siofra O’Meara, Angie Butler, Mary Conroy, Hilary Bowen-Walsh, Aisling Madden, Alicia Falvey, Fionnual Gygax, Venetia Bowe, & Michael Dempsey,

By funding this project, you'll automatically become a member of the Inner Party. We can't tell you here what happens in the Inner Party because only Inner Party members are in the know, but we have made a few special rewards public.

We would be very grateful for your support in making this show happen.

The Party Makers:
Aoife Courtney, Deirdre Lennon, Sabina Bonnici.