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The Penny Dreadful Magazine

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The Penny Dreadful is a new submission based literary arts magazine from Cork. We are a small team of UCC graduates who felt we could contribute to the already vibrant cultural scene in Cork. Starting in 2011, we distributed a photocopied version of The Penny Dreadful around coffee shops in Cork, Barcelona and L.A.

Now, The Penny Dreadful is undergoing new and exciting changes. One might say that it is currently hitting puberty and struggling through its awkward age of pimples and mysterious erections. But do not fear! As the pustule ridden tween oft emerges a man so too shall our dear and sweet Penny Dreadful arise as a fully fledged journal with its ink sodden biceps flexing in the Western winds.

Issue one will feature an interview with Roddy Doyle, fiction from Mercedes Helnwein, poetry from Theo Dorgan and Alan Titley, as well as many more writers, known and unknown. We are looking for 650 euros to cover printing and postage costs. All proceeds go back into the magazine. We plan to launch in mid- October in Cork, with a night of readings, jazz, and hard liquor. See our rewards page below to find out how you can get involved and support The Penny Dreadful magazine.



Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has funded us so far. We're most of the way there now after less than two weeks! This really is amazing. If you could see me you would see an amazed man.


`Don't forget to add us on Facebook too! https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Penny-Dreadful-Magazine/214855861866753 To keep yourself instantly updated on all things dreadful. Yeah, that's a pretty wince worthy line isn't it...

It begins!

Only a few hours in to the first day of our Fund It appeal and we have already had a fantastic response! Whether you're a fanatical patron of the arts, like a sort of Irish Medici who says "yar wan", or you just want to pre-order your copy of The Penny Dreadful, and in these troubled times you can at least say that you have that sorted, then link on in. The least you can do is take a look..actually the least you can do is nothing but...ya know... and if you don't want to donate then share the link, maybe you know someone who does. Either way, crowd funding like this is your opportunity to become personally involved in the arts that you consume. Come October you can hold a copy of The Penny Dreadful in your hands and say "I helped to make this possible" and how often do you really get to do that?

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