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The Place of Dead Words

By Luno Valetti


The place of dead words
By Luno Valetti – a fictional psychopomp of the third class.

Swinging from Civil War Ireland to Hades to the good ship Nervosa, the tale is a spasm of words as a montage applied to the characters and functions set forth in Vladimir Propps 1920 classic ‘The Morphology of the folk tale”. Incorporating the Jungian principles of archetypes and the collective unconscious and the mythological giddiness of Joseph Campbell to clothe the characters whilst their setting is determined by the absurdities of quantum mechanics.

Sorry, that’s a mouthful for your brain hole, lots of fancy bullshit words stuck together but it’s the truth and I apologise for that. Anyway, yes, took me longer than I'd like to admit to write and edit this thing and it's about time I did something with it. So here we are…stumbling around looking for answers….ask any sentient from corpuscle to colossus and a bumbled answer draped in the shawl of omertà will stick toffee apples in your mouth and flash her tits at you….not that I have much else to offer but if you let the words rest on your frontal cortex long enough something will happen to you and fiction will seep in….so if that's what you're in to then give me some money….

Also while this is going on, I'll be recording a piece of music that was originally written for the "Aye aye Captain Barnacle all aboard" chapter, you know, the one with the good ship Nervosa, a barque confessing a 375 tonne dream capacity….

And should this get funded then there'll also be an exhibition of 13 limited edition photos based on 'The Place of Dead Words' at the official book launch.

Why the words/music/photo combination? Because different media gives you a different angle on the same idea….plus I'm a whore and if you don't like my words then you might like the music or the pictures…..

Funding will pay for 50 copies of the book, 13 quality photo prints and 50 postcards with original artwork and EP download codes. EP will be available only through download codes for 6 months after release.


A work of weird fiction about the death of death and his subsequent resurrection. If successfully funded there will also be an EP and a photo exhibition based on the same idea.



We made it!

Huzzah! 102% funded with a few days to spare! Thanks you to everyone who donated, y'all are the bees knees! Started recording today, I'll keep everyone posted on developments regard the printing and launch date! and to reiterate; Huzzah!


Greetings! Well it's almost there so I've double crossed all my digits and I'm hoping that it'll pass the 100% mark before next Friday! I'm incredibly humbled by all the support I've had so far and I cannot express my gratitude enough to the 20 generous people who have donated so far. I love you all. More updates soon! @lunovaletti for more frequent musings!

9 days to go!

Well hello and a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far! 69% funded with another 9 days to go. I've posted a slideshow of the 13 prints on www.lunovaletti.org so those of you who've donated €50 or more go and have a look and a ponderance over which one tickles your fancy, though my mum does get first pick! For more regular updates follow me on twitter @lunovaletti Thanks again, it really means a lot to me that people are getting behind my weird notions. Have a great morning/day/evening/future!

EP artwork

Ahoy! 2 days and 50% funded...thanks to everyone who has donated so far....here's a look at the EP artwork ( http://imgur.com/JBSLIHY ), recording starts June 3rd.... godspeed!

Day One: Great success!

Well holy bums! Not even 24 hours gone and already 32% funded! Thanks to all who donated so far, it makes my bosom swell with gratitude! And to say thanks to keep you interested here's the first paragraph of the book....but interactive, click the greyed out words and it expands...an interesting concept...telescopic text...and it's free if you like the idea you can make your own...anyway enjoy! http://www.telescopictext.org/text/dKHsTDhLcHHxM

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