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The Plagues of Egypt

By Sofia Duarte


Hi, my name is Fia (instagram dafia3004), I’m a Costume Designer, I have this story to tell and, to me, art works (and truly has been working) as a story teller and how that story revolves one’s emotions through physical/sensorial stimuli and triggers emotional response. In art there is always two versions of the same story, what an artist says that the audience will perceive and understand and the message that the audience will never realize.

The Story:

The Plagues of Egypt are happening, one by one, in sequence, as people. Each person a personification of a plague and a combination between its scientific explanation, their costumes, and the Bible's interpretation, their performance. They arrive, release the plague, watch it spread, leave it to destruction. With it, the impact an event has in a human being: it begins, it hurts, infects, spreads and destroys until one is able to kill it, mourn it, heal and let go.

This project began as a simple re-interpretation of the Plagues of Egypt; I wanted to clash the possible scientific explanations of each plague and their interpretation on the bible and translate it in historically accurate costumes to show that both perspectives are connected and complement each other.

But personal events and my father’s suicide; how much I destroyed myself by the wrong people inflicted on me, trying to find answers and reason for it, and how much I accepted and understood my father’s suicide without questioning it, made me approach this differently, it made me realize how a plague by its scientific explanation can be, metaphorically speaking, a depression. This is my construction of human character; the clash between the biological composition of a human and its psychological composition.

For this reason, I want this project to come alive on the 20th of January 2020, exactly a year after his departure.

During the weeks of funding I will post a few videos explaining it more in detail, which explanation I have for each plague and how I'm going to turn them into costumes as I already have my ideas and concept very clear and well structured to start building this project.


The money goes exclusively to pay the people involved in the project. The fabrics and different medias will be supported by me. I don't want to work for other people without being paid, so I refuse to ask someone to do that for me; artists need support, we are hard workers and human beings like everyone else

These are some of the lunatics on my side

Music - Gabriel Jaluize - https://vimeo.com/user52830343
Video - João Guerreiro - instagram joaoguerreiro8
Photography - Phokal
Performances - Patricia (instagram tissagois), Inês, Ailbhe, Ahmed

A huge thank you for letting this sunflower bloom and tell her story, to believe in art and young talents and, most of all, to state that artists' skills should be paid just like any other skill.




The Plagues of Egypt | Why I Need These Artists

This third video explains why I want to involve these specific media from these specific artists and why the story I'm trying to tell doesn't make sense without them.

Give a bit, share a lot, make it happen.

Only 28 days left. 


Thank you so much!


The Concept

On this second video I will explain a bit better my project's concept.

As I said before, personal events and my dad's suicide last January made me realize that I was being a lot more emotional than when I first started my designs in order to accept and heal from these events, and that I have a lot of resentment towards human character.

By turning the plagues into people I am describing the way I see human character and how it feels in a certain way like a plague. It arrives, hurts, infects, spreads and destroys until one is able to kill it, mourn it, heal and let go. Or until one dies.


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