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The Poetry Bus Magazine

By The Poetry Bus


The Poetry Bus Magazine is a new magazine of contemporary poetry and illustration in Ireland, an alternative to the current crop of poetry magazines, and different in its design , artwork,and thinking.

For example a free audio CD of the poets performing their poems will be issued with every copy of the magazine; this adds a totally new dimension and brings the real voice of the poet, and the poem, to life.  An extra bonus is a song - 'The Tune' by brilliant singer/songwriter Martin Egan.

Poetry Bus features the very best of the new wave of emerging voices in Irish poetry and across the world.  But like any bus its passengers will be an eclectic mix of ages, ideas and styles.  Poetry is a broad church and the bus has seats and poetry for all.  It is a magazine which is serious about poetry and art, but won't take itself too seriously.  It will offer a quality outlet for talented people, and those showing great promise. Some passengers may be published over and over ,who knows, some may never be published again, but if this is their moment, I want it to be special.

The artwork will be a vital and vibrant feature of the magazine. We are fortunate to have three brilliant Irish artists featuring in PB2: Kevin McSherry, Una Gildea and Padhraig Nolan (AKA Scalder) doing artwork specially for the magazine.  We are also delighted to have three images (including the amazing front cover) by gifted British painter Adam Neate who is regarded as one of the world's best conceptual and street artists.

The poetry will always be the backbone of the magazine and PB2 (just to give you a brief taste) will feature all Ireland poetry slam champion Colm Keegan and other performance poets like the explosive Dave Lordan, Karl Parkinson (who recently got a standing ovation in The Bowery in New York) Stephen James Smith from The Glòr sessions (complete with Polish translation), Sarah Mariah Griffin who at only 23 is making big waves, Kerrie O'Brien, Kit Fryatt, Kevin Higgins, Richard W Halperin, Michéle Vassal and Kate Dempsey.

It will feature the glorious poetry of St James Harris Woods written in his prison cell in California.  There's Korean war remembrances from Octogenarian Tom Sheehan. There are first timers, old timers , poems about picnics (Electric ones!), sunsets, bicycles, hats, knees, pornography, breakfast, hills, back-alleys, parallel universes, trousers, prayers, bus journeys and going home.

If you don't love these poems and this magazine, then you just don't LOVE full stop!

I have a bus load of talent raring to go, all I need is the money for the diesel.

The whole magazine is really a group collaboration of so many poets and artists individually willing to give their work and time to make something special. And that is why I think crowd funding through Fund it is such a perfect way for this project to be financed - with everyone joining in with us giving what they can to create something special for everyone. I hope you can help us.

Best wishes,



PB2 flies around the wold!

Hello Poetry Bus Pledgers! Copies of PB2 have been sent to South Korea, Gran Canaria, several states in America, Canada, all The British Isles, all over Ireland,Switzerland, France, Hungary, Australia. Feedback has been great from everyone thank you! John and Hilary Wakeman editors of The SHOp go so far as to say that ' In two issues, PB has come from nothing to become one of the two or three best poetry magazines in Ireland' Wow! I want to thank you all again for your support and hope that you all have safely received your copies of the magazine. They have all been sent out except to 'Bamboo Sessions' who I can't get hold of. If you know them give them a nudge! Thank you.

€ 1,084 !!

This is fantastic, a week to go and 120% of our target reached. I can't describe how happy I am. I've started (physically) cutting and pasting the poems to see how they look and fit together. I didn't dare do it before, but now I know PB2 will exist all thanks to YOU! Boy, this is another bumper issue! I'm struggling to fit everything into a mag that can be ( again physically) stapled together! This is good, no, this is GREAT. THIS is what it is all about! Publishing poets, publishing poetry, getting their work OUT THERE. PB2 is gonna be some piece of work my friends! Look out world,there's a new bus in town!!


Looks like we made it! No,YOU made it! Thanks to each and every person who took the time, trouble and financial effort to pledge to The Poetry Bus. Every single cent was vital, and vitally appreciated. Thanks to everyone who performed or gave at The Glór Session on Monday https://www.facebook.com/The Glor Sessions where Stephen James Smith passed round an empty glass that was soon filled with € 205 They had a whale of a time while they were at it! Thanks to the named donors and the anonymous donors.This is empirical proof that people are good, that they want to help, that they value creativity in all it's forms. In these hard cynical recessionary times it's fantastic to see so many beacons of valiant light coalescent in one mighty flame of hope. And what disparate beams we would be without the unifying innovation of the fundit team. A new light for different days, many thanks to them and in particular to Martin McNicholl who not only facilitated all along the way,but believed we could reach this target,and did everything in his power to help. I feel like I've given an Oscar acceptance speech, but believe me, it's much more special than that!! THANK YOU!


Totally delighted to be over the half way mark with 20 days to go A HUGE thank you to everyone that has helped. I'm surprised at the push along the miles we've covered yet daunted at the distance still left to travel. But if something is meant to be it will survive, I can't help but hope we will make it. Please spread the word!

On the road!

Well we've got a good few gallons of diesel but we're needing more! We have € 385 pledged so far, but need to reach € 900 if the magazine is to survive. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has pledged so far and please encourage family, friends, neighbours ,colleagues, to get involved. Maybe give us a shout out on your blog or facebook page.It's a long road but we've got to keep on driving! Yahoo!

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