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The Prodger

By Tina Noonan


The Prodger is a one act play set in a village bar, Lismore, Co. Waterford, 1964, written by me - Tina Noonan.

Mick Donnelly’s pub is empty but for Fr Tom asleep at the bar, when Coleman and Johnny burst in with a bang from a howling night outside and into the dark lit pub with only a red light from a Sacred Heart picture. Mick wants them Out! but their arrival has disturbed a sleeping Fr Tom which allows Johnny one last drink before time. The clock is ticking but the clock is broken. There’s talk of a local murder, a horse race, a woman. Then a gun shot is heard in the distance and Johnny is back to a cold field in France, November 1916.

The Prodger is in memory of my father’s Uncle who signed up as a private for the Royal Munster Fusiliers in 1914, served in France, was promoted to Lance corporal but lost a leg from a shrapnel wound, woke up in a morgue and then spent several years recuperating in Military Hospitals in Leopardstown and Bray before he was discharged and returned to Lismore in 1924. He never married, he never had children but lived to be a good old age despite suffering from flashbacks all his life.

I am producing, promoting, funding The Prodger entirely myself.

I am raising the funds to assist with printing, marketing, promoting, props, venue costs, stage construction, materials, costumes, cast, lighting & sound hire, tea, cakes, biscuits, Star Bars and sandwiches and to ensure The Prodger is given the production it deserves and has a full life after its week in The New Theatre.

This is my first stage play, propelled to date by the belief in the magic that The Prodger exudes and attracts.

P.S. The real prodger is back in Lismore, after a stint in Cork helping out an elderly lady with a bad hip. So we may be able to have the real prodger up in Dublin for the show in February. Plans also a foot to get the Duke of Devonshire, (Lismore Castle), to pop up and see it.

About me, the writer:

When I was 10 years old I used to write and produce my own plays, and audition my friends to act in it. Charge in and have a mark up on the penny sweets. Worked a treat. I was often told “you should write”, but what? Then in 2005 a friend in Greystones gave me a leaflet for a Monday Night Creative Writing Class ordered me to stop talking about it and do it, and I did.

I was shortlisted for a P J O’Connor Radio Award in 2007, for my radio play Leonie Summers Night, a member of Solar Theatre’s writers workshops, a few Listowel Writers Weeks and a pop-in-and-out of Abraxus writing group. I live in Wicklow with my daughter.

Thanks so much for reading this, and any support you can give is really appreciated!



Press Release photo's

We will be taking shots of some of the Actors in The New Theatre tomorrow to go with the Press Release. Only 3 days left to help The Prodger on fundit.ie. Spread the word. Many thanks for all your support.

Lismore Courthouse Saturday 9th March

Planning, co-ordinating and finalising date and time for The Prodger to be performed at Lismore Courthouse (Theatre) for one night in March, possibly two.

Rehersals to begin 11th February

Starring Seamus Moran, Brendan Conroy, Frank Melia, Joe Moylan - directed by Patrick J Byrnes - set design - Martin Cahill

only 10 days left to go - set design taking shape

After an extremely successful meeting with Martin Cahill (Set Designer) and Patrick J Byrnes (Director) we are all on the same page for the set design. However, it's impossible to avoid costs of materials and prop hire up front. Once again, any financial assistance big or small hugely appreciated. Only 10 days left on fund:it. Many thanks

Set Design

Met with Patrick J Byrnes (Director) and Martin Cahill (Set Designer) at the New Theatre this afternoon to get the set design wheels in motion.

Meeting with Director , Set Designer and Theatre Manager this Thursday

Need to discuss cost of set/ construction / materials and distribution of promotion material and ticket sales

Leopardstown Park Hopsital

Had a lovely chat with Assistant Director of Leopardstown Park Hospital. He thought bringing The Prodger to the old veterans and patients for a night would be wonderful. He gave me a tour of the theatre and cinema room at the hospital. A strange but magical feeling to know my relative had walked the grounds of this hospital with his newly fitted limb 95 years ago.

Lismore Courthouse

A date night for The Prodger to come to Lismore is looking hotter and hotter.

The real Prodger stick

The original Prodger stick has been collected from Lismore and is now in Dublin resting before it's debut on the stage of The New Theatre in February 2013

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