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The Prophet of Monto

By John O'Brien


The award winning hit show The Prophet of Monto from the 2010 First Irish Festival in New York comes home for the first time.

In 2010 Laoisa Sexton asked John Paul Murphy if he had anything for her. John said he was working on something, and gave her an early draft of Monto. Laoise spoke with Georganne who spoke with Des who spoke with Michael. Everyone agreed that John had written something very special for his first play and by the end of September The Prophet of Monto had caught the imagination of New York audiences and reviewers alike at the 2010 First Irish Festival. There was a real buzz about the show right throughout the rehearsals and the run. You know something is good when the crew are excited!

It exceeded all our expectations when it was nominated for The Audience Choice Award, Best Actor Award and Best Actress Award.  When Laoisa walked away with the Best Actress Award for her stellar performance as Zoe, we knew that this show had to reach a wider audience. Axis:Ballymun and John O'Brien came on board to support this fantastic first play which is scheduled to play in Axis: Ballymun from the 29th November to December 3rd 2011 as a prelude to further performances and touring. The Prophet of Monto is a magical and fantastic story of a Dublin shop girl bombarded by intimate visions of her customer’s lives, and her unorthodox relationship with twin brothers. A brilliant love story set against the harsh grey backdrop of Dublin's heartland, a tale of desire, betrayal, clairvoyance and cake.

Here's what the New York press said:

A spellbinding tale... performed by these two amazing actors, The Prophet of Monto has a hypnotic pace and an emotional relationship with language… and the story sweeps the audience in its current”. –Reviews Off Broadway
“…between the two of them I am in aural heaven, their every word adding to the vivid scenario in my head” -Theasy.com
“...scant minutes into this blistering tale, actors Laoisa Sexton and Michael Mellamphy had grabbed the audience’s attention and held it tight”. - reviewsoffbroadway.com

"The Prophet of Monto gets beneath your skin”. - Theatre Scene NY

The Prophet of Monto has brought together the talents of an Irish writer, actors and director miles from home and in doing so captured the imagination of the New York audiences and critics. This is a production with a great future . But only you can to realise that future. In order for us to ensure that we deliver the same quality of production in Dublin that we delivered in New York, and that we market it effectively we needyour help to raise €6,000. Be a part of the ongoing success and help us bring this wonderful show home to Dublin.

Thank you

Georganne Aldrich Heller, John O'Brien, JP Murphy, Michael Mellamphy, Des Kennedy, Axis Ballymun, Bewleys' Cafe Theatre