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The Quest For A Real Hard Hob

By Andrew Millington


Hi there,

Thank you for taking interest in our Fund it page. We are a creative collective from Ireland with a shared vision; to create a meaningful and innovative audio-visual live production. In essence the show will be an animated story accompanied by a live band. We plan to explore new areas of musical and visual entertainment and produce a show that engages and immerses the audience in sound, story and emotion.

Set in the darkest years of the 22nd Century our promo video introduces City Redevelopment Robot, 'Deco4', who awakens to a seemingly deserted post human world.

Who are we?

Our team consists of:
Four professional musicians/producers; Andy, Dave, Nick and Michael,
Two animators; Andreas and Shane, who is an Artist/Film Director and IFTA nominated editor,
Jonny, an experienced visual and lighting director.
Together with Carla, an astute & creative project manager, we are united in our belief and faith in the project. Join us on this journey and become part of the project.

Why we need your help?

We are embarking on our own quest - to project this story with all of its emotion and drama to audiences around the globe. So far we have invested €5,000 ourselves which has been used on the production and development to date. This has helped us to fund our promo video, license software, produce 4 songs and the complete the story-boarding for the whole show.

Now we need your help to raise an additional €5,500. This will go towards completing a comprehensive 30 minute showcase of the 1st act while further developing the style established in the promo video. We will then perform this showcase in Ireland, Berlin and London. Our goal is to perform the first full 90 minute live show before the end of the 2012 and to bring it on tour in 2013.

Please spread the word and if you're willing and able to help us we will be forever grateful.

How the money will be spent?

The money we raise on Fund-it will go directly to the production costs of the showcase. Every contribution helps get us one step closer to producing and performing the show. The production costs will go towards:
- Character & Background Illustrations
- 3D modelling & animation
- 2D animation & after effects work
- Post production
- Stage and music production

We will be updating the progress on our website and networks so check in regularly to follow our story or share some welcomed feedback.

Unless specified in the reward description all rewards will be delivered shortly after the campaign has been successfully completed and the funds have been transferred. We will contact you about dates and travel arrangements for any rewards that include tickets to a live show.

Sincere thanks from all the team.

"We will either find a way, or make one" - Hannibal



Huge Thanks and Massive Appreciation

To everyone who has so kindly helped us out this far, we would like to offer our humble thanks and heartfelt gratitude. You really don't know how much it means to get such a boost of confidence in a project like this. This project has been built on faith alone to date. Faith of this team in an idea, to do something great and do something different. Now thanks to all of you we can charge forward with fresh steam, and full hearts. It was a difficult thing to swallow pride and ask for help (which is probably an Irish thing) but we are all so glad that we did. The reaction has been emotional for us, so now there is no turning back. All or nothing, but nothing is no longer an option. Here is a link to the review of our very first rough screening of the showcase we are working on. http://horseshoenail.org/the-quest-for-a-real-hard-hob/ "Unless a man undertakes more than he possibly can do, he will never do all that he can." Henry Drummond All our Love XXXXXXX

Off to a good start

Thank you to all the people who have funded the project so far. We're delighted with the progress made in the first week. Here are the links to our facebook and twitter pages for anyone who wants to follow or share our story: https://twitter.com/#!/hardhob http://www.facebook.com/Hardhob http://www.hardhob.com/

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