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The Rainbows' End

By Ofegus Theatre


The Company:
Ofegus Theatre Company was established by Leslie Lalor and Niamh Hogan to bring affordable Children's theatre to all. We have 11 years experience producing children's theatre and from our experience has come our passionate belief that exposure to live theatre performance is of great benefit in helping children come to a deeper understanding of themselves and of the wider world. Is there a better way of learning than through fun? Professional theatre for children is almost non-existent. Our aim is to provide it.  We brought The Rainbows' End to the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and received fantastic feedback from the children, the parents and the press. Please help us raise the funds to get this amazing children's show to The Mill Theatre, Dundrum, this Festive season.

The Story:
Disaster strikes the Kingdom of Enchantasia when all the rainbows disappear!!! The Leprechauns (bankers to the magical world) are deeply troubled as they cannot locate their gold. Not only will the Kingdom be in severe financial trouble but, without the rainbows, all colour in the world will drain away, turning everything to black…As the High Council of Magic is in the Veiled Mountains for a secret conference, it is left up to Wendy, a student witch, to try to find the rainbows before it is too late. Meanwhile Captain Swashbuckle, the dreaded pirate, has landed in Enchantasia with First Mate Sebastian. It is the first coastline to spark anything in Sebastian’s memory since Captain Swashbuckle pulled him half-drowned from the sea. They decide to go to the Palace, in disguise, in order to learn what they can about the mysterious land. The Crown Princess is kidnapped! A traitor is suspected! A visit to the traitor’s lair is the only way to save the Princess, and perhaps the rainbows too!  But who is brave enough to face such dangers?  Will good triumph over evil? Or could this be the rainbows’ end?

The Production:
Ofegus Theatre Company is bringing a new production of its 5 star Edinburgh Fringe show to The Mill Theatre, Dundrum for one week only from the 28th December 2011- 3rd January 2012.

5 stars - Broadwaybaby.com
An enjoyable theatrical experience for children, showcasing some fabulous young professional talent.” - Fringereview.co.uk
An excellent show for all the family from Granny through to Gus" (aged 8). "Energetic, fast moving, imaginative and with a happy ending.” – Lovefringe.com
The action is frenetic and physical, with sword-fights, cross-dressing, acrobatics and impressive keepy-uppy skills going into the cauldron.” – The Scotsman

The Money:
Ofegus Theatre Company would like to thank you for considering funding this project. These much needed funds will go to improving all aspects of the production including new set and costumes.  We have put together some great rewards and we hope you avail of them.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

The Ofegus Theatre team



3 days to go!

Wow we're 44% funded thanks to our 11 super generous funders so far! We're getting there! The OTC team is working round the clock to get everything done in time for rehearsals next week: re-writing parts of the script, making/repairing/altering costumes and the set is being designed as I type. We're all very very excited about this project and would love to thank all you lovely funders for supporting us! Niamh :-)

1 week to go!

Well we've got over a 3rd of our target raised so far thanks to our super generous funders! We have one week left to raise the rest so it's all hands on deck in camp Ofegus! We are fully cast now which is very exciting and will be starting rehearsals next week. I'm not sure the OTC team can wait that long to start working with such a fantastic cast.... I know I can't! With only a week to go I will be updating much more.... fingers crossed we make target! Niamh ;-)

1 week down!

So we have been live for one week and managed to get ourselves 22% funded with only 2 funders on board! Thank you so much for your generousity! :-) In other news we saw some seriously fantastic talent in our recently held auditions! It's going to be a great show! The OTC team

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