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The Red Bear

By Conor O'Farrell


The Red Bear is a drama-thriller that tells the story of freelance conflict photographer Michael Turner, and his experiences documenting the Bosnian War during the early nineties. Michael’s desires to capture these iconic moments on film take him dangerously close to the action at times, and in this one moment he comes a little too close to becoming the subject of one of his award-winning photographs.

The DIT School of Media is home to the longest running film programme in Ireland, and boasts a successful alumni. Former graduates include directors John Moore, Damien O'Donnell and Ian Power, producers Martina Niland, Macdara Kelleher and Martha O'Neill, and cinematographers Brendan Galvin and the late Donal Gilligan.

Former films from the school have won awards at numerous national festivals such as the Corona Cork Film Festival and the Galway Film Fleadh, and some have screened at the Cannes Film Festival. As dedicated and aspiring young Irish filmmakers, it is our intention to match those successes and take this short film to national and international festivals.

In so far as the production is concerned, we are adopting a transparent approach to fundraising as we want you, as a potential funder, to know where your money is going. Our preliminary budget, which we will detail here once finalised, is coming in at close to €4,000. To raise this amount, we have four fundraising ventures underway;

1. Collectively, our crew are putting €1,000 into the film.
2. We are hosting a fundraising event mid-March, more information on this will be announced shortly, and we have projected that we raised €1,200 from that.
3. We are approaching film distributors, production companies, cinemas, festivals and local businesses for sponsorship.
4. Finally, our Fund It page will be the hub of our online fundraising, for which we are aiming to raise €1,500.

Donations, no matter how small, are hugely appreciated. We need your help to make this film a reality.

Thanks for your support.



The Red Bear is officially a film.

The Red Bear began pre-production on February 16th 2012, and here we are three-and-a-half months later with the finished film before us. The Red Bear would not have become a reality but for the support and encouragement we received from so many; faculty & staff at Dublin Institute of Technology, the hardworking and hugely talented cast, and the casting agents who worked with us to secure them, the former graduates of the School of Media who kindly gave us their time and advised us throughout the production process, location owners and press officers at RTÉ, Dublin Airport Authority, Fingal County Council & Glenwood Lodge in Roundwood for doing their untmost to accomodate us during principal photography, Film & Broadcasting students from the years below us for donating their time and efforts to assist us, our composer Stefan and vocalist Sinead, Maura & Dave at Windmill Lane Pictures, our very own hardworking crew and their friends & families... The list is endless, but we never once forgot the support and encouragement we received from you. We did our best to build an online community around The Red Bear, to foster a sense of involvement with friends, fans and funders, but the support we received in return was nothing short of phenomenal. And so, to the 66 followers on Twitter, the 161 of you who like us on Facebook, the 71 of you who funded the film on FundIt.ie, the 275 of you who followed the production on Tumblr, and to those of you who contributed to the 1,031 hits our behind-the-scenes material has generated on YouTube; Thank You. This culmination of four-years film study at DIT was nothing short of an epic journey, and as a result we have a film we are proud to take with us as we move into the professional world of film & television production. We will continue to update the production blog, Facebook page and Twitter account with news of screenings - and hopefully festival awards - so be sure to check in from time to time. For the meantime, all that remains to say is thank you for being a part of this chapter. - The Red Bear. Twitter: @theredbearfilm | Facebook.com/theredbearfilm | theredbearfilm.tumblr.com


Principal photography on The Red Bear finished last weekend, and the gruelling post-production process began during the week. Writer/Director Ricardo and our editor Siubhan will be locked away in the edit suite for the coming weeks working on the picture edit. Producers Max & Conor, along with Ricardo, met with composer Stefan French, and we are thrilled to announce that that he has come on board. Have a listen to some of his work at www.stefanfrench.com. The first picture-cut of the film will be ready this Friday, with which Stefan can begin to compose the musical score. Our sound designer Philippa will also start the sound edit at this point, recreating the natural sounds and atmosphere of the film. Meanwhile, producers are in the process of tidying up our post-filming budget, finalising all contracts and paperwork, securing copyright clearance on some additional news footage from the Bosnian War which we are using, scheduling recordings with Brian Dobson who is doing a news intro for us, and talking with post-production houses in relation to picture-grading and some special FX for the film. DIT fm have requested an interview with us in a couple of weeks, at which point we will be giving them the exclusive launch of our official behind-the-scenes video. In the meantime, we have posted some behind-the-scenes stills of the production and our lead cast; Brendan McCormack (Game of Thrones, Ondine), Nick Lee (The Fall, Juno and the Paycock) and Darragh Kelly (Intermission, Batman Begins). To keep up-to-date throughout the post-production process, check in with our production blog: theredbearfilm.tumblr.com YET AGAIN THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, YOUR DONATIONS MADE THIS FILM A REALITY.


'Twas the night before principal photography when all through the set, Not an actor was acting, no camera rehearsals just yet. The filming schedules were hung by the camera with care, In hopes that The Red Bear soon would be there…


Thanks to your support, in addition to our original €1,500 online fundraising target, we have secured an additional €1,200 on our Fund It page. The latter figure was our target for the fundraising night we had planned for mid-March but had to shelve, and so we redirected our attentions to online funding. This brings our current online funding to just over €2,700. Combined with our other funding ventures - and factoring in bank fees and commission - our total secured funding currently stands at €3,834. The latest draft of our budget shows a working total of €4,500, so we are still falling a little short but are so nearly there. With only six days until principal photography, we're kicking off our final funding push today with a brand new behind-the-scenes video, live on our production blog right now. Finally, we're humbled to announce that Brendan McCormack (Game of Thrones) has taken on our lead role. For further news and more from behind-the-scenes: theredbearfilm.tumblr.com THANK YOU FOR BACKING YOUNG IRISH FILMMAKERS


Four weeks ago today The Red Bear begun pre-production. Fourteen drafts later – and following much blood, sweat and tears – we have locked our script for shooting, and couldn’t be more excited. Hugely productive week thus far, but with only twelve days until principal photography, we’ve bucket-loads to do yet. Keep up to date with our production blog, where we will be sharing some really exciting casting news very soon. theredbearfilm.tumblr.com


Forgive us, we had intended publishing a breakdown of our budget yesterday, however there are still some prices coming in to us. For the most part, prices are confirmed, however we have estimated cost for items we are still waiting on quotes for, (in brackets). The Red Bear itemised budget is ten-pages long, this is a summary. PRODUCTION DESIGN: €800 The most sizeable chunk of the budget is going toward the visual design of the film. In order to replicate early-nineties Bosnia, there are many props, costumes and set dressing needed, for three different locations. The latest draft of the production design budget has come into us at €1,059, but we are working on reducing that to €800. LOCATIONS €250 Malahide Castle and Dublin Airport have very kindly waived any fees, given the nature of our production. The house we are using in the woods however, is a holiday home that we have to rent; one day for a test shoot in the coming weeks, and four days for filming. We have negotiated a reduced rate of €250. SOUND DEPARTMENT €80 Batteries will be the only expense for the sound department. CAMERA DEPARTMENT €360 We have access to most equipment we need through the school, however there are some additional camera lens needed, for the style we are shooting. TRANSPORTATION €180 Our crew head count is twenty-two, and we have a cast of ten. We are shooting between Dublin and Wicklow, and have seven cars between us. The mileage has been calculated, and between all vehicles we have estimated a total of 840 miles over our four shooting days. Our mileage reimbursement rate is calculated on an average of 35 miles to the gallon, with fuel prices at €7.50 per gallon. Thus, our total projected mileage cost is €180. DIT is providing us with a lorry to transport equipment. CAST ACOMMODATION €450 We are negotiating accommodation prices in Roundwood, Co. Wicklow at the moment for our three lead cast who will be required for the most part of our four shooting dates. CAST FLIGHTS €200 We are in discussions and hoping to confirm our lead role in the coming days. If we do confirm the actor we are in negotiations with, we will be humbled to have him on board. He is an Irish actor currently based in London, and so we will be flying him back for filming. SET OPERATIONS €962 We are shooting a large part of the film in the woods, and so we will need a generator to power lights and some other equipment. We have sourced the generator for free. Because we will be so spread out on locations – production base and hair and make up trailers are a bit removed from set – we will need walkie-talkies for instant communications. These are costing (€250) for five days. The house we are filming in will double up as crew accommodation and equipment storage over night, however it won’t fit us all. We are bringing two trailers, which during the day will be hair & make up/wardrobe/cast area, and the other will be our production office where we run the production from. During the night, these two trailers will sleep the rest of our crew. We have sourced one for free, and we are hiring the second one, for (€200.) We have negotiated free catering for two of our four days filming. For the other two days, we have 32 to feed, and are trying to source meals. At the moment we are looking at a caterer that will charge €8 per head, making the total catering spend €512. With regard to craft services (water/fruit/tea & coffee etc.), we are working on securing these for free from local businesses. PRODUCTION OFFICE €252 The amount of materials required for production, both in these six-weeks or pre-production and during our time on set, is huge. From paper, files, dividers and envelopes, to phone calls and Internet-access on set, printer ink, etc… we have allocated €252 for production expenses. POST-PRODUCTION We have negotiated with a post-production house that we will give them credit on the film for visual FX they provide us, such as muzzle-flashes for guns. MARKETING & DISTRIBUTION/PUBLICITY €330 The process does not end when the film has been edited. In fact a whole new process or marketing the film begins. There are entry costs associated with most national and international festivals, and we plan to submit the film to many of these. Some festivals require prints of the film, as opposed to DVD files, and there will potentially be the need to make 35mm film copies. Finally, we have offered limited edition artwork to funders here on our Fund It page, and €80 has been allocated for materials. For the moment, this gives us a working total of €3,864. This does not factor in a petty-cash float during filming, or contingency fees for unforeseen expenses. Filmmaking is an expensive process, but we are doing our best to bring costs down, and making all departments justify any required expenditure. THANK YOU


Funders, The Red Bear is close to crossing the €2,000 mark on our Fund It campaign, and we are humbled by the response we have received so far. Your backing of this project has given us so much further encouragement, and this short-film would not be possible without you. So far this week we have locked our filming locations, and our writer/director has subsequently been busy working with our director-of-photography and camera-department, tailoring specific shots to suit our confirmed locations. The sound-department have been testing some new software called Pluraleyes, which will sync pictures and audio, as we will be recording these separately for the most-part. Following masterclasses with former graduates; director Damien O'Donnell (East is East, Inside I'm Dancing) and producer/script-editor Paul Fitzgerald (35 Aside), producers are working on script development with writer/director today, so that we will have next draft of script on Monday. Lots more going on, but for more updates from each department, concept art, visual inspiration for the film, location floor-plans and a whole host of other stuff, don't forget to check in with our production blog; theredbearfilm.tumblr.com THANK YOU THANK YOU


Those of you who have donated, thank you so much. Our initial target for online funding has been met in only six days, and we are overwhelmed by your support. Our online funding efforts are one part of a four-part funding strategy, as detailed in the description of the project. The fundraising night which was provisionally planned for mid-March has hit a setback, and for the moment it has been shelved. We now plan to host the fundraising night in April, the week after we wrap on set. In the meantime we are redirecting our attentions to online funding. Though we have hit our initial online target, we are hoping to considerably surpass that in the coming weeks. In terms of fundraising, a large part of the battle is getting the word out there, and we are asking for your continued support in doing just that. Post to your Facebook and Twitter, tell the world about The Red Bear. The budget will be finalised in the coming days, and detailed here by Friday 9th March, so that funders are aware of how their money is making a difference. Don't forget, for behind-the-scenes access to the production of The Red Bear, have a look at theredbearfilm.tumblr.com THANK YOU

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