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The Restoration of Hope

By Speckintime


After the triumph of Temptress in 2015, Speckintime and High Seas Productions continue their collaboration by presenting The Restoration of Hope, the second play in Philip St John’s ‘Eerie Trilogy’.


Hope Whyte is having a diabolical Christmas. In a Dublin office painted with mysterious, sinister symbols, she wakes up: has she been Restored to life, or is her memory of being murdered a nightmare? And what is she to make of her Mentor, Larry McGrath, and his insistence that she must honour the terms of a blood-chilling Contract?

Philip St John’s new play is a darkly funny, atmospheric drama that explores lives lived in the perilous zone between this world and the next.

Mermaid Arts Centre - Fri 17th Nov 2017
The New Theatre - Mon 20th Nov - Sat 16th Dec 2017

Reaction to Temptress:

"Is this play HUGELY ENJOYABLE ? Yup Is St John a FAIRLY WICKEDLY TALENTED WRITER ? Yup " Emer O ’ Kelly - Sunday Independent

"The back and forth narrative is as tense and clever as can be expected from the award winning St John What we have then is a play that ticks all the boxes a masterclass production " - No More Workhorse

"Under director Matthew Ralli ’ s expert eye pace never slackens Utterly enjoyable and unrelentingly hilarious “ Temptress ” is a wonderfully seductive production The only way to resist is to yield to it " - The Examiner


Writer: Philip St John
Director: Matthew Ralli
Dramaturg: Annabelle Comyn
Producer: Melissa Nolan
Design Team: Lisa Krugel; Paul Doran; Carl Kennedy; Rowena Cunningham
Fishamble New Play Clinic Actors: Will Irvine, Jody O ’ Neill, Mark O ’ Regan


Although we are fortunate to be funded by Wicklow County Arts Office and Dublin City Arts Office, and have the generous support of Mermaid Arts Centre, The New Theatre and Fishamble New Play Clinic, there is a serious shortfall in our funding total.

So to make this production possible we turn to you. The money raised through this Fund It campaign will pay essential costs such as set materials, costumes, printing, insurance, and marketing

The Restoration of Hope is an ambitious project. Philip St John's writing offers great challenges for the design team, the cast and the director. His work is incredibly atmospheric, his stories compelling. After opening in Mermaid Arts Centre in Bray, the production will move to The New Theatre in Dublin for an extended run of four weeks leading up to Christmas.

Thank you so much for your support!

Matthew Ralli and Philip St John



Over the Moon!

Wow, the support for this project in the past week has been incredible! It has lifted the entire team as we approach rehearsals in a little under a month. Thank you to all those who have kindly pledged their support. It is very heartwarming. We have almost hit our target and all extra money received above this will go straight into production costs. The Restoration of Hope here we come !! Thanks again, Matthew and Philip

Making Progress!

Thank you to the latest funders. Philip, myself and all the team are motivated to produce work that intrigues and entertains. We have a responsibility to the funding organisations who have backed the project, but when friends, relatives and those who support art, put their own money into the project, it adds even greater responsibility to do our very best. This week we have our production photoshoot booked with Ste Murray to shoot and create our poster image. This will feature our lead actress, the brilliant Jody O'Neill. We are currently 40% toward our target with two weeks to go. Please spread the word and share the campaign on social media platforms. Huge appreciation and thanks, Matthew and Philip

Thank you!

Hello, and thanks so much to all of you who have funded our project so far. You've got the ball rolling (the hardest part) and now we need to keep the momentum going as we are only a small way towards our total. This week Philip is busy writing a final draft of the script and I am finalising agreements with our exciting cast for this production. We would both greatly appreciate if you could please share this campaign with anyone you think might be interested in helping us stage this daring new piece of theatre. Thanks again :-) Matthew and Philip

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