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The Sacred Lives Of Trees - ART 2016

By Caroline Cunningham


Presenting 20 paintings in acrylic representing The Sacred Lives Of Trees.

Painting Price/Size Guide: €250 - €500 (20x25cm - 50x50cm)

Some limited edition prints & art and poetry cards will also be available.

Venue: Carlow Library from Saturday 19th to Friday 25th November 2016 (during library opening hours).

Opening Night:   November 24th (6.30pm to 8.30pm) - Invitation Only (Visit website to sign up for invite)

I am inspired by nature, finding solace and healing there through deep connection with the energy of mountains, oceans and trees.
Reminiscent of dancers, great warriors and benevolent souls, tree’s are the visible evidence of how the ‘invisible’ forces of Nature (Earth and the Heavens) lend shape and character to our being.

I have been involved in creative studies since 1999 mostly through vocal expression. I sketched a lot as a child and committed to life drawing since 2009 and began exhibiting at the same time. My writing remained hidden under mattresses until more recent years. I am now a finalist awards blogger, author of an unpublished novel and have enjoyed sales of my poems.

This is my biggest collection of paintings and most ambitious project to date. I love colour, imagination and exploration.
My work (writing, painting and singing) has been attracting supportive admirers steadily, particularly in the last two years.
It is on this encouraging wave that I rise to the challenge of pushing myself further into the limelight of discovery. In all my works I encourage authenticity, providing inspiration and support to others in their paths to authenticity and making dreams (no matter how big or small) a reality.

My project so-far has been self - funded. However, to facilitate a few essential extras such as refreshments, stationary and some frames, your support would be much appreciated. The rewards are generous in return for your attendance and support of my event which may also include an impromtu song and poetry recital.

Dreams such as these are lifeless without your support and appreciation. Let's work together to inspire dreams.

Your genonous offering will support Refreshments €150(wine/juice/water/snacks/paperplates and cups),
Stationary & Advertisting €150(invites/promotion/postage), some frames for smaller pieces €420
and the services charges of the fundit payment system. If additional funds are raised I will use this to provide for extra framing of the artwork and entertainment on opening night.

I already have completed 80% of the paintings which I set out to complete.
If the target fund is not reached this will mean foregoing the framing expense.
Without your interest and funding it may take longer to present future collections

Terms & Conditions of Rewards:

Exhibition Vouchers to be used in full during exhibition (no cash refund).
Draw For Art Print can include free delivery - prints are approx 10x12inch on archival paper.
Marketing opportunity is subject to your business being of an ethical and legal nature.
Print of 'Rathvilly After The Rain' can be viewed here
Print Of 'Ganga Dreaming' can be viewed here